You are my sunshine, sweet mimosa

bouquet mini mimosa

Hello everyone,

Yellow is not one of my favourite colours, but I must say that I have to make an exception when it comes to mimosa. Every winter it makes me happy and I really love the way it smells!

Usually I make bouquets, big and small, but this year, on top of that, I decided to make a wreath, since I learned how to make them with my dear friends from les herbes de Paris in december. <

I also used one of my pretty baskets as a vessel. I just put an empty glass of jam inside for the water supply. I think it looks very joyful and pretty. 

What about you? Do you like mimosa as well? What do your bouquets look like? Do you mix them with other flowers? 
Have a lovely day and talk to you soon,

basket of mimosa by madame love
mini bouquet

mini bouquet fleurs jaunes

mimosa wreath mimosa and eucalyptus stilllife

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5 thoughts on “You are my sunshine, sweet mimosa

  1. I like mimosa too, what I like most here, is that you made a wreath out of it! <3 It dries very pretty and will remain as a beautiful decoration in your apartment for weeks!
    Love, A. XO

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