We are moving to…..Paris!

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Hello everyone,
I have some big news. I am moving to Paris very soon! and I am very excited. We found a pretty little house in the suburb with a little garden really close to the Gare St Lazare.
That means a lot of chances in our lives, but I am really happy about it. Now it’s getting so real, that we have even booked a moving company, I can’t wait to be there. 
I have been spending over 10 years in Germany, Berlin first and then Hamburg. I am really grateful for all the great experiences I had here, and all the great people I met and will dearly miss. 
That’s where I started my professional and marital life, where I started my blogging life and where my sweet little Ella was born. I will never forget that, but I am excited now about starting a new chapter of my life and living closer to my family, which will also be great for little Ella. 

I am so excited about:

* The food
* The museums and the cultural life 
* The concerts 
* being able to work in my mother tongue
* being able to see my family without having to take a plane
* having a garden and be able to grow my own flowers
* discovering some new flower shops 
* growing a cut flowers garden in my mum’s garden
* being able to see my French friends a lot more

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Of course, I will take madame love with me in my little suitcase and continue blogging about flowers and interior design. I will also of course share my shopping tips with you along the way and start a Paris guide after my Hamburg guide.  Talking about Paris Guide, you can check out the blogs of my friends Igor and Judith for some great Paris Tips. 
PS: I stole their beautiful pictures (with their permissions of course) to illustrate this post, and now I am even more excited about our new start!
Take care and have a lovely weekend!


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20 thoughts on “We are moving to…..Paris!

  1. Oh Elodie, I’m so happy for you! I can just imagine how you must be feeling. I really look forward to reading about your rediscovery of your home. Mel xx

  2. Mais quelle superbe nouvelle oui… Je suis ravie pour vous 3 et a très vite donc… avec le luxe de ton blog bilingue désormais!! gorgeous…

  3. Mais quelle chance vous avez d’avoir trouvé une maison dans ce quartier ! Je vous souhaite pleins de bonnes choses !

  4. eh ben enfin!!!! je suis très contente pour vous! On aura peut-être l’occasion de se voir maintenant. Bon courage pour le déménagement et le début de la nouvelle vie! ça va être génial 🙂 xx

  5. Oh wow, das sind ja wirklich unglaubliche Neuigkeiten. Ich liebe Paris, du Glückspilz! Hab ein schönes Leben dort. Ich freue mich auf tolle inspirierende Einträge über die wundervolle Stadt auf deinem Blog. Liebste Grüße, Katinka

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