three little bouquets

small is beautifulHello everyone,
When I found those gorgeous old roses on Saturday, I couldn’t resist and had to bring them home with you and show them to you on the blog today.

pink roses in a white vase by madame love

As usual, instead of making a huge bouquet, without rearranging the flowers, I chose to make three little bouquets in various glasses or candle holders I brought back with me when I was travelling or visiting friends.


pretty vases

When trying to make a small bouquet, there is no point in trying to keep all the leaves. So DON’T BE AFRAID TO CUT THEM AND CUT THE STEMS!

preparation-by madame love

pretty from above

rosebuds are so delicate

roses on a marimekko fabric


Next week Inga and myself will be announcing the flowers for the March edition of the #2flowergirls project, and you can be part of it and style those flowers as well and share the photos with us.
I wish you a very good week and don’t forget to buy some flowers!



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14 thoughts on “three little bouquets

    1. Hallo liebe Katinka,
      Vielen Dank für den Kompliment! Ich freue mich sehr drauf dass Du bei #2flowergirls mitmachst! Ich muss dann anstrengen morgen bei der Blumenauswahl 😉

  1. oh die sind ja einfach traumhaft schön… ich kann gar nicht mehr wegschauen 🙂 und toll arrangiert in den gläsern <3 freu mich schon sehr auf eure ankündigung! viele liebe grüße julia

    1. Liebe Fee, es freut mich dass Du mir vorbeischaust 🙂 Danke schön für den Kompliment. Ich finde diese Rosen, auch wenn Ich leider in der Stadt wohne und leider kein Garten habe, sehen so aus, als die direkt aus dem Garten gepflückt worden sind.
      Viele liebe Grüße an Fee von madame Love!

  2. Usually I really don’t like roses, but when they look a bit like peonies or ranunculus, like these, I like them better. And what a cute collection of vases! Very curious to find out the flowers that Inga and you will choose for the #2flowergirls project 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Judith! I usually never buy roses that you can find at the flower shop myself, and my husband knows he is not allowed to buy me roses 😉 but those garden roses are so different, they remind me of the gardens in the north of France, my mum’s garden, or the gardens of friends we used to go to when I was little. I am so excited about the next edition of the #2flowergirls!
      Speak to you soon and keep blogging! I love reading your blog and seeing your photos.

  3. ich kann die aus dem rechner heraus riechen!! so schön und was ein wunder der natur solche blüten doch sind, oder? hast du toll gemacht! 🙂
    hab ne schöne woche!

    1. Vielen Dank meine Liebe! Es hat echt Spass gemacht die Fotos zu machen und ich habe mich sofort in der Rosen schockverliebt as Claretti would say!
      Viele liebe Grüße!

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