The nursery project #2 – online inspiration

Hello everyone,
The birth of baby love is approaching (the end of August) and I can already tell you that you will see less flowers and more decoration and DIY on the blog in the coming weeks, as I am decorating the nursery and planing to make some stuff for the baby.
I will show you some pictures of the room slowly transforming into a nursery and some great resources to buy furnitures and decoration items online.
Today I will start with my online inspiration and first where I store my inspiration when I am surfing the web. I created a Pinterest board, that I names LOVEly nurseries. You can have a look here

LOVEly nurseries copy

A great website, when decoration the nursery and waiting for the baby to come is the French blog called The Socialite Family – A SAMPLE OF SMART AND COOL FAMILIES .

The blog is written by Constance Gennari who used to be a children’s fashion journalist. The purpose of Socialite Family is to observe interior design through the eyes of a family and I find her blog very inspiring. The interviewed families so far live in Paris, New York, London, Milan and Nantes, Los Angeles and Barcelona.
(the interviews are available in French and English). It is a very visual blog, and I find extremely inspiring.

Home   The Socialite FamilyThe Socialite Family   A sample of smart   cool Families Speak to you soon,


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7 thoughts on “The nursery project #2 – online inspiration

  1. 🙂 I’m as well doing the decoration right now, well… finalizing it! It took me so much time to settle down on colours… Baby expected July 14th, it was really time! Thanks for the link to the Socialite Family, i didn’t know it, looks really cool!

    1. Hello Laetitia, which colours did you pick in the end? It is a tough choice! I will post a mood board with the main colours we chose for the room on the blog soon.
      Good luck for the last weeks of pregnancy.

      1. I absolutely wanted to avoid the pink/girl or blue/boy combination (we’re having a “surprise” baby”)… and i wanted something to look clean, very bright, joyful and contrasted at the same time (yep i love contrast)… Anyway, it finally is: white, citrus yellow, light grey, touches of black and some natural pine wood 🙂

        1. Whaou! That sounds great! You will soon see on the blog which colours I picked. Not really baby-girl like… 😉 but I think it will look cosy.

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