The International Lonely Bouquet Day

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share a great project with you. Do you know “the Lonely Bouquet”. This a project by Emily Avenson, an American girl living in the Belgian Countryside. That’s how she define her idea:

A movement dedicated to spreading happiness and smiles, one flower at a time!

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to dedicate one day a year to making strangers happy. The method chosen is… flowers! and this Sunday (30th of June) is the first International Lonely Bouquet Day.


How to participate in the first International ?

All you have to do is:

  1. pick flowers fresh from the garden or forage straight from nature. If you don’t have a garden, like myself, you can of course go to the market or to the flower shop.
  2. arrange the flowers in a small, recycled jar
  3. add a signature “take me!” tag (you can download my template in English, French and German here: Lonely Bouquet – Tags), and
  4. leave the arrangement behind for a lucky local to take home. Voila! You have just delivered a handful of flowers that will surely put a smile on a stranger’s face.

To sign up for the event, please pop on over The Lonely Bouquet facebook page! If you want more information, please visit Emily’s website.





So I hope you are now motivated to help us spreading happiness and smiles, one flower at a time. I will definitely take part as a flower girl!

You can also follow the Lonely Bouquet on Twitter and on Instagram and use the Hashtag #thelonelybouquet.

FREE DOWNLOAD – The Lonely Bouquet “Take me” Tag in 3 languages:
Lonely Bouquet – Tags

Lonely Bouquet - Tag - English


Take care and speak to you soon,

Photos: Emily Avenson

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13 thoughts on “The International Lonely Bouquet Day

  1. Hi Elodie,

    thanks you for spreading the word about this project – I read your post the night before sunday, decided spontaniously to be part of it and left a (very small) bouquet on a bench at a cemetery nearby. I still have to go there and find out if someone picked it up!

  2. Such a disinterested and kind of romantic project. I like the beauty of it and just hope loads of people will participate to encourage more similar projects to come to live.

  3. Oh Elodie I just L O V E this project. It’s the sweetest idea!!! Just yesterday when I brought some flowers home from the market I took note of that smile it put on my face when I arranged them in the vase. Have a lovely weekend! x Mel

    1. Hello Mel! I love the project too, and I had to participate as a “flower girl”. I left my bouquet at our local train station today. I really hope I made someone happy with it!

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