The end of summer – beginning of Autumn bouquet


Hello everyone!
How are you doing today? I bought some flowers last week at my favourite flower shop, choose them all with long stems and decided to make two versions:
One tall bouquet in a transparent vase and a small one in spotty red vase.
The tall one has a autumnal touch to it, with the warm red colours. The small one with the playful red dots looks more summary. I just wanted to show you that you can get two very different results with the same flowers. 
I haven’t been using the spotted carafe as a vase in ages, and was very happy to use it again! Like an old you haven’t met in a long time, and you suddenly realise that nothing has changed!


So! What do you think about the two bouquets? I will never want to hear agin:

“I don’t have the right vase for those flowers!”

My tips are:

1- Be creative (use carafe, tea pots, glasses, etc… as vases)
2- don’t be afraid to cut the leaves and shorten the stems
3- never try to stuff a vase to much, give your flowers room to breath. If you realise you bought or cut too many flowers, just make a mini version of the same bouquet, or two bouquets.









I wish you all a great day!
Talk to you soon and thank you for your kind words for my interview in Sweet Living Magazin! It means the world to me.


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