madame love loves: Seventy Tree


Hello everyone!
Do you know Kerry Layton? Maybe you know Seventy Tree then? Kerry is the brilliant British illustrator behind the brand Seventy Tree. 
Seventy Tree was established in 2010. I really love the animals, Kerry uses in her illustration and bought this lovely print called Everyone’s friend (currently out of stock) that Ella literally loves!
The bear is saying H E L L O and many different languages including the three languages Ella is looking at it everyday and it makes me very happy. I am sure that it is not the symbol of her multilingual upbringing that appeals to Ella yet, but the great contrasts. During the first 6 Months of their lives, babies can hardly see any colours and are fascinated by black and white, as this is pretty much all they can see.  So I really recommend putting up contrasting prints on the wall when decorating a nursery. On top of that, I think that animals in decoration always work very well, not only for children!
I also love the cutting boards and tray by Seventy Tree. Geometric and very happy!
I wish you a great day!

 © Picture from the nursery by Jocelyn Casey, pictures from the collage by Seventy Tree with permission

pennant banner tutorial + free pattern

Hello everyone,

As promised when I showed you the pictures of the nursery, here is a little tutorial for the big and the mini pennant banner I made for baby love.

pennant banner

So here you go! It is a very simple project that will not take you more than an evening or a week-end to complete and that is suitable for beginners. I also made a mini-version of the pennant banner. You just have to use the smaller triangle and a smaller portion of bias tape. I made some pictures to illustrate the steps of the tutorial and a pattern to download:


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Baby love’s little nursery

Good morning everyone,
As promised several times, today is the day of the big reveal: I will show you the finished baby nursery. Maybe baby love will want to visit it soon!
So here is what I did with this room after I decided on the colour scheme and did a virtual moodboard and collected some inspiration on Pinterest.
I will start with the main pieces of furniture and show you the little details:


Little black sheep by Jellycat

The grey bed is from the French brand Combelle – I bought it on the French website Smallable, along with a lovely grey changing table and I am very much in love.
I picked a grey bed with a lot of cushions and made a padded cot bumper in different shades of blue and grey. The mobile adds some purple to make it a bit more girly, and some animals to make it more fun. Stars as a pattern can be found in the shape of the blue cushion, on the mobile and on the ribbons.

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Baby Love’s little wardrobe

Hello everyone,

My mum came to visit us at the beginning of the Month with a car full of presents and mini-clothes for the future Miss Love. What she made is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.
Some of the stuff were even made 28 years ago for the birth of my sister Alexia, and kept since then! This is so amazing and my mother is so talented!
The clothes are all displayed in Baby Love’s little wardrobe, an antic wooden cabinet with a glass door we found in the great shop called Lieblingszimmer, that I featured on the blog there.
I wish you all a great day.
Speak to you soon

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The Nursery project #5 – Lovely Doudou

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to talk about “doudou”.
A “doudou” in French is an object than a baby/young child sees as its favorite one – The babies/young children sleep with it. A good translation would probably be cuddly toys.
Here is a selection of my favorite doudous for the nursery in the nursery colours. One of them (N°2) has already found its place in the nursery.

Nursery - doudou

1. Cat Girl by Kathryn Davey via Kathryn Davey
2. Bear by Makie via smallable
3. Zakka Crocodile via Babyssimo
4. Badger by Maleig via Room6
5. Mr. Bell by Lucky Boy Sunday via Millimètres
6. Tobi little Berry by Dimpel via smallable
7. Doll Chiara from Jess Brown via smallable
8. Mono Cat from Donna Wilson via Donna Wilson
9. Fox with scarf by Maleig via Room6
10. Rabbit via smallable
11. Mama Mouse with baby via Milchmädchen

Baby Love already received a beautiful present from ma sister. It will probably be a bit big to start with, but I am sure that she will love it as much as I do. He is called Auguste from the French company Moulin Roty.


I hope you could find a little Doudou inspiration today. Have a lovely day!
Talk to you soon,