garden tour


Hello dear flower friends,
I hope you are all doing well. I am back from my long holiday in France with a lot of memories and a lot of new experiences for my little Ella: first ice cream, first long walk in the forest, first ride in a horse drawn carriage, first swim in a swimming pool…
I enjoyed so much seeing my family and my friends and spending time in Provence and Paris. I also took the opportunity to spend as much as I could in the nature and in the garden. Today I would like to show you some pictures I took in the garden of my mother in law. 
I am especially in love with the double aquilegia and the myosotis. I love the contrasting colours and the interesting shape of the aquilegia makes it super interesting to photograph.
I wish you a great day!

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Blue variation

Hello everyone,

I gave a little dinner party last Saturday, and it’s always the occasion for me to pimp my flat with some fresh cut flowers. When I was on the market, I bought some blue flowers. I decided not to mix them, but to make three different bouquet and display them on different spots of the flat. Here is the result. I hope you will enjoy it.
Which one do you prefer? Myosotis, delphinium or hortensia?
Speak to you soon!

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