Lovely Flower Blog #10: Linger Flowers


Hello everyone!
I am back from Umbria, with a lot of impressions and over 1,000 pictures. I will show you some soon on the blog. I am very happy to introduce a new Lovely Flower Blog today. I discovered Nikki and Andy Shenk on Instagram last May and love her story and how her dream came true. I also love the fact that have been inspired and motivated by blogs and Instagram to start their floral business.

Who are you and what are you talking about in your blog?

 We’re a wife-husband duo, Nikki and Andy Shenk, that fell in love with flowers and decided to start our own business, Linger Flowers, in Cincinnati, Ohio. We focus on weddings, holidays and classes. Andy is a writer, so he runs the blog, where he features both the work we do, as well as other elements of the business and our personal life.
Our name, Linger, is very significant to me and Andy and we try to capture our philosophy of savoring each moment in the day through the blog. Flowers, especially, help both of us to linger and appreciate the beauty in our life, which is what we hope to share with our community, whether that be online or in Cincinnati. 
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