madame love loves: Seventy Tree


Hello everyone!
Do you know Kerry Layton? Maybe you know Seventy Tree then? Kerry is the brilliant British illustrator behind the brand Seventy Tree. 
Seventy Tree was established in 2010. I really love the animals, Kerry uses in her illustration and bought this lovely print called Everyone’s friend (currently out of stock) that Ella literally loves!
The bear is saying H E L L O and many different languages including the three languages Ella is looking at it everyday and it makes me very happy. I am sure that it is not the symbol of her multilingual upbringing that appeals to Ella yet, but the great contrasts. During the first 6 Months of their lives, babies can hardly see any colours and are fascinated by black and white, as this is pretty much all they can see.  So I really recommend putting up contrasting prints on the wall when decorating a nursery. On top of that, I think that animals in decoration always work very well, not only for children!
I also love the cutting boards and tray by Seventy Tree. Geometric and very happy!
I wish you a great day!

 © Picture from the nursery by Jocelyn Casey, pictures from the collage by Seventy Tree with permission

madame love loves: Audrey Jeanne

Audrey Jeanne

Hello everyone! 
I would like to dedicate this post to my sweet Cheddar! He is been quite jealous lately, with all the new baby stuff invading the flat.
Audrey Jeanne is a French illustrator I really love. As you can see above, she really likes cats like I do. She is my favourite crazy cat lady!
I really encourage you to follow her on Instagram, if you don’t already do. Her siamese cat Mikado is just the cutest! You can see a lot of Mikado, on Audrey’s blog too. 

byaudreyjeanne on InstagramShe produces posters, stationary, printed bags and t-shirts and now also jewelry. Most of her products can be purchased in her online shop or in her Society6 shop.
I wish you a great day and talk to you soon,

Nelly Castro – beautiful postcards from Hamburg

Dear all,

Today I would like to introduce you to Nelly Castro. I met Nelly at the pop-up store event of 7 Avenue, and she invited me last week to the presentation of her new postcard collection.
Nelly is a designer and illustrator based in Hamburg, who started producing postcards some years ago – and I really like her fresh style and hand lettering. The cards are printed on a very nice thick paper.
The texts on the postcards are in Spanish (her mother tongue), English and German. Nelly also designs wedding invitations. You can find more information on her website.

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