Lilac and hellebores – a pink bouquet

fresh flowers from the garden

Hello everyone,
I publish less on the blog lately, mainly due to a busy schedule, but I am still making bouquets and enjoying it. I just come back from a very relaxing weekend at my parent’s place and I have been playing with flowers and with my camera between two showers all weekend. I will show you some pictures of the garden just after the rain later this week, as I am obsessed with the beauty of rain drops, but first, let me show you my little hellebores and lilac bouquet.
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Roses and Hellebores from the garden in a blue vase


Hello everyone!
New day means new bouquet for my #onebouquetperday challenge initiated by Juliane from the frokenskicklig. You can see my bouquets so far here, here and there and also on Instagram of course. Today’s bouquet is really my kind of bouquets: simple and a little bit wild, in a very rustic vessel. I love the imperfection of the garden roses and the beautiful shades of the hellebore. See you tomorrow with some more flowers!

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Hellebore & peach tree blossom

close up hellebores

Hello everyone,
here is just a little bouquet I made with beautiful hellebores and some peach tree blossom from my parent’s garden on Monday. I don’t know the name of the bright pink blossom; but it just looked perfect with the hellebores. I love them, they are so easy to grow and bloom for ever. They also look very pretty as cut flowers even if they won’t last in a vase.
I wish you all a great day! I am on my way to Pernes les Fontaines now!
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