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Hello dear flower friends,
I hope you are all doing well. I am back from my long holiday in France with a lot of memories and a lot of new experiences for my little Ella: first ice cream, first long walk in the forest, first ride in a horse drawn carriage, first swim in a swimming pool…
I enjoyed so much seeing my family and my friends and spending time in Provence and Paris. I also took the opportunity to spend as much as I could in the nature and in the garden. Today I would like to show you some pictures I took in the garden of my mother in law. 
I am especially in love with the double aquilegia and the myosotis. I love the contrasting colours and the interesting shape of the aquilegia makes it super interesting to photograph.
I wish you a great day!

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A little garden in France

pansies in the garden

Hello everyone,
on my way to the Joyeuse Clique Workhop at the beginning of April with parents, we stopped at my Mum’s best friend house in a little village in Burgundy and I wanted to share some pictures of her lovely garden with you. It was the beginning of April and the garden was full of pansies and little daisies planted in very pretty pots and Medicis vases. 
I wish you a great day!
Speak to you soon,
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LOVEly Guestpost by Igor from Happy Interior Blog

Hello everybody! This is Igor of Happy Interior Blog and today I am particularly happy as I am guest blogging on my friend Elodie’s beautiful blog. Elodie is hopefully enjoying her time out and is focusing on her new mother role, while I was pondering of a childhood memory of myself.

Recently I went to visit my family in Serbia. And there was my idea. As a child, I was traveling every summer to what then was Yugoslavia. To visit the country of my parents, to mingle with my family. But I won’t speak of the obvious. One other thing has left deep marks in my memory and shaped my personal view. It was the intense contact with the nature. With the green power surrounding me as a kid. I grew up in Austria and there is nature too, but in Yugoslavia I spent a more intensive time exploring the nature, walking through orchards, vineyards, picking fruits from trees on the go. I remember my grandmother preparing fresh salads with veggies from the garden, the hugest and most aromatic tomatoes, I remember exploring the surrounding hills with my cousins and picking blackberries, plums, apples, running through vineyards and snacking juicy grapes in between, munching on sweet figs while taking in the sweet scent of the fig tree. I remember dining on my grandparents’ porch under a natural roof of vines. I remember the scents and tastes of nature and summer.

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LOVEly flower blogs #5: Studio Abloom

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great  weekend. Today I am very excited to be welcoming Laurie on my blog. I met her and her lovely blog virtually last June as she participated in the peonies edition of the #2flowergirls project with Glomerylane.
I instantly fell in love with her styling and photos, and asked her to present her fairly young blog Studio Abloom to you today and how she plans to develop it .
I completely agree with Laurie when she says that “floral arrangements are really just like little gardens”, but I don’t want to spoil everything, so here goes to the interview.
I wish you a great week full of flowers!

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