Ich backs mir: mini Gugelhupf with yuzu, basil and lime


Hello everyone,

Today is Gugelhupf day! and it’s Claretti day! My friend Clara from the German Lifestyle Blog tastesheriff is collecting Gugelhupf recipes on her blog today.
It is my first food post in a long while and it makes me very happy because I really love styling and photographing food. 
GugelhupfGuglhupf, Gugelhopf or Kougelhopf  is a southern German, Austrian, Swiss and French (Alsatian) cake specialty. The gugelhupf is a big cake and has a distinctive ring shape. I prefer the mini version of it. You can find a special baking mould here for instance.
The Yuzu I used in the recipe is a citrus fruit, commonly used in Japanese cuisine, which I love and discovered during my honeymoon in Japan in 2008. 

You can find the recipe underneath and print it if you want to try it at home.

Have a great day and don’t forget to buy some carnation for the #2flowergirls on Friday!

mini gugelhupf with yuzu, lime and basil
Serves 15
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
18 min
Total Time
28 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
18 min
Total Time
28 min
for about 60 mini kugelhupf
  1. - 1 pot (150g) natural yoghurt
  2. - 3 eggs
  3. - 2 limes
  4. - 2 pots (use the yoghurt pot) of caster sugar
  5. - 3 pots of flour
  6. - 3/4 sachet of yeast
  7. - 1/3 pot of vegetable oil
  8. - a large pinch of yuzu powder
  9. - 8 large basil leaves
  1. Preheat your oven to 205 °C (fan oven)
  2. Put the yoghurt in a bowl and keep the pot for measuring the other ingredients.
  3. Add the zest and the juice of the limes, the eggs, the sugar, the flour, the yeast, the yuzu powder, the finely chopped basil and the oil.
  4. Mix thoroughly.
  5. Butter a mini gugelhupf silicone baking mould.
  6. Carefully pour the mixture into the mould being careful not to go beyond 3/4 full.
  7. Place in the middle of the oven for ca. 18 minutes until golden.
Adapted from parties and picnics
Adapted from parties and picnics
Madame Love http://www.madame-love.com/
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Theresa’s flower diary #1

Good morning everyone,

Today I have a special guest on the blog: let me introduce Theresa.
Theresa is a blogger and one of my readers, and she sent me the sweetest email a couple of weeks ago with a picture of flowers from her garden and a link to her lovely blog. I asked her if she wanted to regularly guest blog about flowers and cooking with flowers on madame love, and I am so glad she accepted. She will be guest blogging on the 1st of each month with treasures from her garden in Luxembourg.
The post is going to be in German and English. I will be back on the blog, I hope next time with some good news about baby love’s birth. I will take a little blogging break in September, but my lovely blogger friends from all over the world have prepared some beautiful blogposts for you. Inga and I will also be back in October with a new edition of #2flowergirls and a great flower for you to style!

Talk to you soon,


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Mr. Love’s British cheesecake

Hello everyone,

I have a new recipe for you today. This one is not French but British and is from my husband Mr. Love. I told you last week, when I gave you the recipe for the French clafoutis, that Mr. Love is very sceptical and and critical when it comes to clafoutis; I must admit I used to be a bit the same regarding cheesecake. My friend Stephanie who was visiting us last week, insisted in having a cheesecake, so we made one – British style (completely without an oven – which is quite cool in the summer), and I really liked it…
So there you go – here comes Mr. Love’s cheesecake recipe:


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12 aus 12 by madame love

Dear readers,

My German blogger friend Ricarda, from the blog 23qm stil had this great idea to review your 2012 via 12 pictures. As I started searching my photo archive from 2012, there were far too many photos and great memories to only post 12 photos, so I decided to make 12 photo collages for the 12 topics that influenced me the most this year and which tell my story the best. The birth of my blog (on July 15th) was definitely my highlight and all the great projects I realised through the blog, the workshop and conferences I attended and the many more to come in 2013, and most of all, the brilliant people I met through blogging.

1- My year in flowers:

Flowers have been my main source of inspiration for my blog this year, they made me improve my photographic skills and transform my flat into a photo studio.
I love working with flowers and will continue to do so in 2013. I love picking the right vase, waiting for the perfect light, before work or on Saturday morning and playing with colours and textures.

my year in flowers by madame love

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the Speculoos stars – Post aus meiner Küche

Good morning dear readers,

This week I took part for the third time in the German food swapping project, Post aus meiner Küche (mail from my kitchen) initiated by my fellow bloggers ClaraJeanny and Rike. The theme this time was Christmas, and I must say it was a bit tricky for me. The concept of Post aus meiner Küche is that you cook or bake something in your kitchen, and send it by mail to your randomly picked swapping-partner.

In France, we don’t have this tradition of baking small biscuits (Plätzchen) before Christmas, so I hope my wonderful partner in crime, the lovely Sabine from the blog azurweiss will forgive me for having only sent some simple home-made speculoos. I received on Wednesday an incredible delivery from the south of Germany: what was in the box can be seen here. I hope the star-shaped biscuits tasted good. I had the idea of making them after our trip to Belgium in October. They don’t really look the same as the ones you find in France and Belgium because you have to use “Vergeoise” which is a very dark brown sugar that you find in the north of France and in Belgium, and it gives the biscuits a very dark golden colour.

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