Lovely flower DIY: Using a Kenzan for a shallow vase

kenzan bouquet peonies

Hello everyone! 
Today I would like to start a new column and show you some simple tricks to make nicer bouquets at home. The first trick I would like to show you today comes from Japan and is primarily used for the traditional Japanese floral arrangements called Ikebana. 
kenzan, also called spiky frog or flower frog is a specific metallic device used for fixing the flowers in the container. It consists of a heavy lead plate with erected brass needles where the stems are fixed. You can find them on amazon for example and they cost between 3 and 30 € depending on their size. 
A kenzan is perfect for arranging bouquets in shallow vases such as bowls or small pedestal vases. It helps keeping flowers with very short stems in the water. 
It is a very nice to arrange flowers on a table for dinner party for example, so that you can for instance see the person sitting in front of you. It also works very well if you want to create a vignette on a table in living room.
For this bouquet, I decided to mix peonies with garden roses, as I think that they really work well together.
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pennant banner tutorial + free pattern

Hello everyone,

As promised when I showed you the pictures of the nursery, here is a little tutorial for the big and the mini pennant banner I made for baby love.

pennant banner

So here you go! It is a very simple project that will not take you more than an evening or a week-end to complete and that is suitable for beginners. I also made a mini-version of the pennant banner. You just have to use the smaller triangle and a smaller portion of bias tape. I made some pictures to illustrate the steps of the tutorial and a pattern to download:


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Pimping Baby Love’s clothes – Iron transfer tutorial

Good morning!

I am back today with another little DIY tutorial. Last week I presented you my little pink cloud body using stencil printing. Today I want to show you how to pimp baby (and adult of course!) clothes by using iron transfers.
I bought these lovely transfers on the Isemarkt in Hamburg from the lovely shop kinder+raum. The designer Evy has got a stand on the market every Tuesday. It is of course also possible to buy the transfers online or in a couple of shops in Hamburg.
Here is what I made for baby love and how it goes:

1. Select the pattern you want to transfer and the item of clothing.

2. Position the transfer on your fabric and place it on something hard – a wooden kitchen table would work better than an ironing board.

3. Place a sheet of baking paper between the fabric and the pattern before ironing.
Set your iron to 150 to 160° C and press against the fabric with a lot of pressure for 20 seconds. It is important to press and not iron.

4. Peal off the plastic film et voila!

iron transfer step by step_1

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Pimping Baby Love’s clothes – Stencil Printing

Hello everyone,

Today I have a little DIY for you. My fabulous mum made a lot of baby clothes for little Miss Love, and I have been sewing a lot myself lately too, almost only for the decoration of the nursery (which I will be showing you soon, when I think that it is almost finished). Another thing that I have been doing during my maternity leave with my friend Stephanie is “pimping” some plain, white baby outfits I bought from C&A for instance.
The first one I want to show you uses the stencil printing technique. Stenciling is a very fun and easy technique for customising boring fabric.

Here is what you will need:

  • strong paper and a permanent marker, or stencil pattern
  • craft knife
  • fabric paint (mine is a Javana Textil)
  • small plate (for the paint)
  • sponge
  • washi tape

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Etsy Labs Hamburg with Frau Sieben

Hello everyone,

On Monday Evening, I attended my first Etsy Labs in Hamburg which was organised by my friend Trixi (alias Frau Sieben), a jewelry designer . I am sure you all know about Etsy – for those would don’t know, it’s an american online platform that sells handmade and vintage goods all over the world.
They regularly organise craft parties in European cities called Etsy Labs – It’s a free DIY event, on a special topic. The ones in Hamburg are organised in a brilliant location called LOKAL e.v.. The concept is simple but really enjoyable – you sit around a table with other people (okay, mainly girls…) and do something with your hands, while drinking a lemonade.  Yesterday’s Etsy Labs was about creating summery bracelets – and that’s what we did!
I had a lot of fun with my friends Maria, Christin and Anne.
Here are a couple of photos for you:

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