first dahlia of the season


Hello everyone!
I hope you are doing great. I have had quite a rough week last week, with a sick mama and a sick baby and a very hot weather but as I read recently on the Instagram feed of my friend Ricarda, the quieter the online, the louder the offline life! 
The good thing about this short break, is that I managed to go to the market on Friday and found some awesome free range dahlia. It isn’t uncommon to find dahlia at the beginning of August, but they are particularly early and beautiful this year. I bought enough flowers to make three beautiful bouquets and I only paid 10 €! I often that flowers are expensive on the market, but I think, they are usually much cheaper than in the flower shops especially when locally grown.
So – I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
Have a great day and speak to you soon!
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2 flower girls #7 – The dahlia edition

Hello everyone,

this is my first blogpost today since the birth of my daughter Ella three weeks ago.
Inga and I are back with this autumnal edition of #2flowergirls. We chose the most autumnal of all flowers, the dahlia. I chose some deep red and orange ones, I found on my local market. I added some guelder rose berries and some rose hips to the bouquet and displayed some decorative pumpkins on the table to give it a more rustic aspect. Today’s #2flowergirls will be on madame love only, but I will show you one of Inga‘s photos.

If you want to participate, you can post a link to your blogpost in the comment field under this post  and show us how you styled and photographed your dahlias. You can also send us the photos by e-mail or post them on Instagram or Twitter along with the #2flowergirls hashtag. We will then collect the photos and post them on our Dahlia’s board on Pinterest.


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Some dahlias for baby love

Hello everyone,

When I saw these gorgeous dahlias at the market yesterday, I couldn’t resist! I decided to be crazy and spend € 2.50 even if I could go to the hospital any moment now, as I am already 8 days overdue.
I think the shades of pink, red and purple are just beautiful. They make me look forward to the autumn and its fantastic range of warm colours.
I also wanted to use my new mini-medicis vase I found last week. So here are a couple of photos for you and for my baby love. Maybe she will want to come out if she already feels the beauty of flowers.
Have a nice day and talk to you soon!


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Micro to macro bouquets

I was very inspired on Thursday on my way back home and came back with a bunch of very different flowers in the pink-purple colour palette with a touch of black. I decided to make not one but 5 bouquets out of it from Extra-Small to Extra-Large.

1- The XS-Bouquet

2-  The S-Bouquet
In a beautiful white Moroccan vase I brought back from my trip to Antwerp.

3- The M-Bouquet

4- The L-Bouquet
Simple and monochrome

5- The XL-Bouquet
Tall and elegant in my favorite Japanese vase

So I am curious to hear about your opinion now. Which size do you prefer? Which bouquet is your favorite?
Talk to you soon.