madame love loves: Audrey Jeanne

Audrey Jeanne

Hello everyone! 
I would like to dedicate this post to my sweet Cheddar! He is been quite jealous lately, with all the new baby stuff invading the flat.
Audrey Jeanne is a French illustrator I really love. As you can see above, she really likes cats like I do. She is my favourite crazy cat lady!
I really encourage you to follow her on Instagram, if you don’t already do. Her siamese cat Mikado is just the cutest! You can see a lot of Mikado, on Audrey’s blog too. 

byaudreyjeanne on InstagramShe produces posters, stationary, printed bags and t-shirts and now also jewelry. Most of her products can be purchased in her online shop or in her Society6 shop.
I wish you a great day and talk to you soon,

Vom Glück Mit Katzen zu Wohnen – A beautiful book and a giveaway!

Hello everyone,

As a lot of you know, I am lucky enough to not only share my flat with my sweet daughter Ella and my great husband Mr. Love. I also live with Mr. Cheddar, the funniest and most curious cat on Earth. Living with a cat means having to make sacrifices; if you like interior design like me, you can for instance say goodbye to materials like velvet, as it is a cat hair magnet and some people like my friend Jodi from the blog Joelix have to be very careful with flowers and plants, as some cats love to eat them, even if they can be poisonous for them.
BUT… living with a cat also means a lot of joy and it can be really fun! The German editor Callwey just released a book about that topic and you can win it today on the blog!

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My little assistant #4 – Flowers are the best

So, now that we had a little break from my cat series, here comes n°4 – the classic one. As you all now, Cheddar’s favorite things remain the flowers. He is always very excited when I come home carrying a bunch of them and he always feels the need to smell them. At the beginning, it kind of annoyed me, when I was trying to take my pictures, but now it became a tradition and every time, he sees my camera and some flowers, he jumps on the kitchen table for the photo shooting.
So here are a some examples:

My little assistant part#2 – the interior design cat

Good morning, so here comes the second post of the cheddy series. I am slowly transforming into the crazy cat lady, but I got very inspired…
I want to show you today that a cat can be useful. Here are a couple of fotos, I took in my flat in the last couple of month:

1- Cheddar loves trying any king of chair or stool, just to check if it is comfi:

2- here comes Cheddar, the famous ipad holder:

3- and here is the cat lamp: