Still life in pink

Hello everyone,
I hope you’re having a great bank holiday. I jus had a great lunch in the sun and decided to post some flowers on the blog today. I made this bouquet in different shades of pink in a medicis for the last issue of the great sisterMAGAZINE to illustrate my article about still life photography. By the way, the new edition of sisterMAG is coming out very soon – and it’s going to be gorgeous as usual! So stay tuned.

Speak to you very soon!






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2 thoughts on “Still life in pink

  1. Isn’t it amazing that I had to pass 30 to become a lover of everything pink? I hated it back when I was a girl and a teenager. 🙂
    But this bouquet is so wonderful and bright, I guess I’ll do a “me too” version of it on the weekend. Can’t wait for the new sister MAG to come out!

    Love, Katharina

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