Johanna Schultz – Poetry with letters

Today has been an exciting day blogwise. I published the new self-hosted version of my blog (no more as well as my madame love Facebook fanpage.
So now I would like to share another very cool shop in my lovely Eppendorf (the beautiful area of Hamburg I live in).
The shopkeeper is pretty young and called Johanna Schultz  – and so is the shop: Johanna Schultz – Wohnen 1700-1980 (Living 1700-1980).
Johanna sells a lot of beautiful objects in her antic shop. but my favorit ones are the letters. I am a big fan of the use of typography in the decoration: you can see examples on my pinterest board LOVEly letters.

Even if I love the letters, I must say that you can find a lot of other treasures in the shop, such as beautiful lamps, like an original artichocke lamp by Poul Henningsen or a lonely fawn coming strait out of a fairy tale.


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4 thoughts on “Johanna Schultz – Poetry with letters

  1. Very funny … I´ve been there some days ago and also felt in love with the lovely vintage letters. It´s a nice place to become inspired 🙂 … and a huge ‘oohoooo’ for your work and the new blog-look: I like !!
    See you, Eva

    1. Thanks Eva, you’re my first comment on my new blog – congratulations! it is funny that you visited the shop this week as well! I am looking forward to the next blogger meetup!

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