Parenthèse urbaine in Paris {urban bracket}


Hello world!
I hope you are all doing fine! I must say, my life hasn’t been that easy or glamorous since we moved to France. So much to unpack, organise etc… so many phone calls and emails with different administrations in France and in Germany, and that feeling to have forgotten a very important deadline all the time. 
On the other hand, I don’t regret the decision we made, for one second and as my husband keeps repeating: “nobody ever said, that an international move with a baby would be easy!”.
Paris_is_always_a_good_idea The Parenthèse Urbaine, I attended last Sunday, has been a highlight in my parisian life so far. This afternoon tea was organised by two lovely sisters (they made me think of my dear sisterMAG friends Thea and Toni) : Mathilde and Marie.
The idea behind the event, is to make people, who usually only meet and share their passion on social networks, such as Instagram, meet in real life, with a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake in a magical place, that is kept secret until the event takes place, somewhere in Paris.
pompomsThis second edition took place in a little tearoom called Maison Bastille, a lovely place, situated in the 11th district of Paris.
The event was also a way to introduce some French designers to the participants. The designers were all attending the event, were showing their work in the café and helped with the decoration and set up.
parenthese_urbaine_homemade_marshmallows parenthese_urbaine_outside

parenthese_urbaine_aime_comme_marie parenthese_urbaine_1 The following designers have been participating in this edition:


parenthese_urbaine_2 parenthese_urbaine_ananas parenthese_urbaine_pompoms
It was a really good beak from my current every life. I met some lovely ladies, I hope I will stay in touch with. Some I already know, I will be meeting next Sunday at “Creation et Savoir Faire“, the French DIY fair, organised by Marie-Claire Idee.
I hope I will find more time in the coming weeks, to be back more regularly on the blog with some flowers, decoration ideas, and maybe some pictures of my new home!
I wish you all a nice evening!

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2 thoughts on “Parenthèse urbaine in Paris {urban bracket}

  1. It must have been a lovely meeting. I regret I’ve never had the time to attend these kind of events while I was in Paris. I worked and travelled too much and when I was home it was time for the kids. But now that I have the time I’m too far away … I guess that’s life, but I’m happy to have the chance to follow them from distance through your posts 🙂 Enjoy the DYI fair next week. and don’t let us wait too long for the pictures of your new house. Instagram isn’t enough for it 😉 xx

    1. Thank you so much Ilaria! Yes it was really a great event and a great way to meet some new designers. Paris is full of treasures!
      Congratulations for the start of your new adventure.

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