Oh the lovely living room – The wide-angle experience

As I told you on Sunday, I rented a wide-angle lens this week-end: a Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM  from Calumet Photographic in Hamburg. It was really easy and cheap – 23 € for the week-end instead of 722 € if you buy it.
I would recommend anyone interested in photography to rent a lens from time to time. It  is such a great option for trying out different type of photos, like portraits, still life or interior photos.
I wanted to try a good lens for interior design photography. My living room is very narrow and long, and it is pretty tricky to take good pictures of it with a standard lens.  The result is quite good, but it was not a revelation like the first time I used a  Canon EF –  50 mm f/1.8.
So there you go, here is a picture of my grey living room with Mr. Cheds right in the middle sitting on his throne as usual!

and another one from another perspective:


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5 thoughts on “Oh the lovely living room – The wide-angle experience

  1. Hallo, ich würde mir auch gern so etwas ausleihen. Lebst du in HH oder wie funktionierte das? wenn du magst, kannst du auch über blogst-fb antworten. die Bilder sind übrigens toll geworden.

    1. Hallo Kerstin, Ja ich wohne in Hamburg, aber man kann sich ein Objektiv ausleihen in anderen Städten oder es gibt auch online Anbieter. Viele Grüße

  2. Oh I didn’t even know you could rent a wide angle lens! I have been looking at 10-22 mm lenses for my interior shots on Ebay but there are still very expensive. I absolutely need to find a place to rent one in Brussels! And before I forget your living room looks fabulous. Are you still coming to Brussels at the end of the month? It would be lovely to see you. Corinne

    1. Hello Corinne, Yes renting is a fantastic option! I will be in Belgium from 23 to 26 October. We will be staying in Antwerp but we are planing to spend time in Brussels too. Maybe we can visit at the Farrow & Ball shop?
      Speak to you soon and thanks for the compliment!

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