My yellow anemones

Hello everyone,
I haven’t been very active on the blog lately. Soon, I will reveal you why, and I hope I will find more time to write and publish more. Today I want to share some simple and extraordinary flowers at the same time with you. I have always loved anemones. We used to buy some with my mum for my piano teacher who loved them when I was a little girl: the classical red, white and blue mix. The other day I the flower shop, I found some yellow ones! They don’t naturally grow that way, they are artificially coloured, which I usually hate, but this time, I love the result!
What do you think?
I also love how they contrast with the blue grape hyacinths.





yellow_anemonesThe flowers are from the flower shop Küchenblume in Hamburg.
The fabric is from heuteschmidt.
The vase is from Miss étoile.

Have a wonderful week and speak to you soon!



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19 thoughts on “My yellow anemones

  1. What a wonderful combination of Yellow and Blue and I wouldn’t have thought about combining these two kinds but it works wonderfully!

    1. Thanks dear Thea! My mum used to decorate a lot in Yellow and Blue when I was a child. That colour combination always inspires me. xxx

  2. Liebe Elodie. Gelb ist ja so gar nicht meine Blumenfarbe, aber dein Sträußlein dürfte sogar bei mir einziehen! Wunderschön, meine Liebe. Ich drück dich! Alles Liebe von inga

  3. So pretty! Those grape hyacinths give such a natural touch to the artificially colored anemones.
    Together with poppies, I think anemones are my favorite flowers. Did you buy these grape hyacinths at the shop too? I “stole” a few grapes from the neighbor’s garden, but their stems were so much shorter. Yours seem to be so tall!

    1. Hey Judith!
      anenomes are also some of my favorite flowers with ranunculus and peonies. Yes, I bought the blue flowers in the shop too. When I was in France, I think you could find those also in the forest – in my parent’s garden anyway!

  4. Stunning images! I love anemones but didn’t know there were yellow ones. The combination with the blue grape hyacinths makes for a great spring bouquet. Oh, just saw that they are artificially colored which I usually don’t like but the anemones still look natural and not kitschy at all.

    1. Hey Fee, Thanks for your comment. It’s always good to cut the stems, before putting them in the water. You should also top up the water pretty often, as they are usually very thursty flowers. It is always good to buy them when they are still closed, as they open up extraordinarily quickly.

  5. wow these are absolutely stunning 🙂 i usually don’t linke artificially dyed flowers (uaaaahhhh blue roses >.<) but these yellow beauties make an exception!

    1. Thanks Julia! When I say them I thought oh my good, this must be a very rare variety, and was then a bit desappointed, when I talked to the florist! But I really love the contrast between the yellow and the black inside.

    1. Merci Laetitia! J’adore ton blog. Je vais bientot actualiser mon blogroll avec mes flower blogs préférés. Je te recontacte bientot pour en parler.

  6. It’s gorgeous! The colour clash makes for a super cool spring vibe, especially with the cloth you placed the vase onto.
    So how do they colour anemones? Do the water white anomones with yellow water?

    1. Thanks Katharina! There are various ways to colour flowers, a lot of people put some food colouring and put the freshly cut flowers in a kind of “bath” with the mixture. It is also possible to colour them while they grow, by putting something in the soil.
      The florist warned me that the flowers can colour the water in yellow, but I didn’t really notice anything.

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