my perfect sunday: a little giveaway

Last week I told you about my new discovery in Eppendorf; Wiebke’s lovely shop my perfect sunday.
Today I would like to offer my readers a little giveaway from this charming shop: the nightie “Lilly” is the perfect outfit to spend the perfect sunday. Lilly is from Wiebke’s nightwear and homewear label Crisp.
This elegant white nightgown is made out of organic cotton and is available in the sizes 34 to 44 and is worth € 119.

All you have to do is to leave me a comment under this post and tell me what are your ingredients for a perfect Sunday by September 15, midnight CET. The winner will be picked at random on September 16 and informed by e-mail. The winner will be able to pick up the nightie in her size in the shop if she lives in Hamburg, or alternatively will receive it by post.

For me a perfect Sunday can be a brunch with my friends, spending the afternoon with my sewing machine, having a chat with my family on skype, cooking something delicious. What about you?

madame love wishes you the best of luck!

★★★★★ UPDATE★★★★★16.09.2012★★★★★THE CONTEST IS OVER!★★★★★Thank you for your participation!

The comment number 6 has won! The lovely Masumi will look gorgeous in her new nightie from the label Crisp. She is also lucky enough to pick up herself the giveaway at my perfect Sunday in Eppendorf and get to know the charming Wiebke in person! Congratulations Masumi – I have sent you a private e-mail with the details.

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36 thoughts on “my perfect sunday: a little giveaway

  1. My perfect Sunday would be a long run along the Alster or in Stadpark (or both!). On the way back, I would stop by a local bakery for a fresh-baked pastry. Then I would spend the rest of the day relaxing with my boo and Skype with my parents at night. Maybe I’d even clean the apartment a bit – jk!

  2. My perfect Sunday is waking up early like a big starfish in my huge queen size bed. We would then do our traditional Sunday breakfast of packing up a basket of delicious breakfast goodies and walking to the little jetty on the water by Eichenpark, which is at the end of our road. Husband, baby and I would park ourselves on a blanket and bask in the early morning sun and I would sip my huge cup of homemade coffee spiced with a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon, while baby kicks her legs on the blanket and chuckles at the sky. We would toddle home and then spend the day in the garden, with my legs in the sun, playing with the baby, nibbling at leftovers or I might nip in and bake a loaf of fresh bread, which we would eat with lashings of really salty butter. By the evening I would have had at least one snooze, maybe even two, and I’d be working up an appetite for a barbeque. I would make mountains of garlic prawn skewers and nothing else, which we would eat messily with our fingers in the dark until a cool chill sends us indoors and off to bed, leaving all the washing up for tomorrow.

  3. My perfect Sunday – I would sleep in as long as I possibly could, waking up in the arm’s of my lover. We’d make love in the morning, with the sun streaming in my window and then fall back asleep. Eventually we’d wake up and talk to each other in bed about nothing and everything. Finally, we’d get up and I’d make the perfect brunch – an omelet with peppers, onions, hot sauce and cheese, waffles, Nutella, syrup, bacon, hash browns and the best pot of coffee you can imagine. We’d indulge in the decadent brunch, and then feel so full we had to go for a walk. We’d walk to the park, bring a blanket and then cuddle under the sun and fall asleep yet again. Then we’d wake up and see that a great music group was playing for free in the park. We’d sit and listen and enjoy the music, drink a beer and not have a care in the world. The day would wind down with a light evening meal and a hot bath and then I’d play my piano for the rest of the evening. Now that would be perfection!

  4. My perfect Sunday:

    Waking up with my husband late on a sunny day in Winterhude, feeling the light streaming in through the windows in our apartment and slowly getting out of bed. He gets fresh bread at the bakery around the corner while I start preparing the eggs and coffee. We sit for an hour or two in our small kitchen with the balcony door open, reading the news and enjoying the muted sounds outside: the traffic, the U-bahn, neighbors leaving the house with their kids, and the chirping birds. Sometimes we listen to American programs on our internet radio: a game show or bluegrass music. I step out onto the balcony to water and enjoy my small collection of orange and violet flowers. After a long and hearty breakfast, we make our way to the Stadtpark, wandering around, watching the people laying out on the grass or enjoying a coffee at the café. We make our best plans strolling around aimlessly and stopping to reorient ourselves when we get lost. We sit in a a green alcove and watch our favorite birds for some time. I love the staccato chirps of the black one with the bright orange beak. Returning slowly to our street, we realize it’s time to eat. I prepare something at home and take my time, listening to more radio shows from back home. After eating we settle in for the evening on the couch, watching a movie or some tv until it’s time to go to bed.


    1. Thanks Jodi for your lovely description. You are so right about the Internet radio. That and skype make an expat life much easier!

  5. A perfect Sunday to me is to wake up with a gentle touch, make love in the morning breeze just when the birds start to sing, feel how the eyes slowly open with the senses, one by one, to get up, have long warm shower, get softly dressed, enjoy the hunger that is hardly to bare, smell the coffee all around that teases it even more. Sit down in greediness, be lazy, but conscious of every second passing by. Bring the mouth to tastes, the eyes to landscapes, the ears to music, the nose to nature. Spent the day in the present moment, surrounded by love and peace in the air, no expectations, no duties, just feel free to express the desires as they are. Then by the end of the day sit down at the back of the garden to watch this one flower slowly spreading its petals wide open in the evening dew and realizing with a smile that I have just spent the day doing the same.

  6. My perfect sunday is when I wake up early and sun is shinning. Then I spend most of the day outside in the nature with my husband, looking for mushrooms ( for the omelette) or berries (for the jam) or snails (even if it’s better to pick them up when it’s raining), normally we would pick nick in the forest and come back home around 4:00 pm cooking Crêpes. We would probably finish the day watching a good movie and going to bed early tired by the fresh air and stomac full of good food!

  7. I love waking up to my puppy licking my fingers. Sometimes I pretend to be asleep and then suddenly open my eyes to which Orso (the puppy) reacts by very excitedly wagging his tail. An intensive session of cuddling between my husband, our cat, Scaramouche, Orso and I ensues, which tends to end with my husband and Orso wrestling. An English Breakfast and/or some fruits with muesli and yogurt, accompanied by traditional Hawaiian music from the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Descendants’ makes me very happy and recharges the batteries for busy Mondays. I love people-watching whilst enjoying my first meal of the day. Sailing on the Alster is a perfect activity to follow a robust breakfast. In summer time I love having a BBQ and sitting outside in the evenings, whilst a roast or some stew is comforting in winter. Watching a horror or sci-fi movie and then reading my book for an hour or two is the perfect ending for a perfect day.

  8. my perfect sunday is so simple:
    just a day in my lovely garden,
    we are having a wonderful breakfast on the terrace,my kids playing around, I´m reading a fabulous book, my husband is around
    in the afternoon having a hugh pice of homemade cake and after a long walk through the forrest and when the kids are already in bed we have a wonderful diner outside with candlelight, good wine and lots of nice talks!

  9. A perfect Sunday for me is like this:
    The sun shines through the window and my friend and I wake up at the same time, he brings fresh bread and croissants, I set the table and prepare him a cocoa. After leisurely breakfast, we go for a long bike ride to the next town and find us a table in a nice Ice cream shop. Late in the afternoon we go home and relax remaining time of the day on the couch …

  10. For me a perfect Sunday is a beautifully prepared typical Turkish breakfast and having it all together with friends. After breakfast playing a board game and then going to the cinema in late afternoon enjoying with a big size popcorn. Then spending the rest of the evening in piece.

  11. My Perfect Sunday is starting by hearing the sound of waves. My friends and I wake up early and have a walk on the beach. We can feel the brightness of the sun on our cheeks. After having a nice breakfast, we jump into the sea and enjoy scuba diving all day long. When I am back at home, I still feel like I can hear the sound of waves….that is the perfect sunday for me and I miss it a lot!!

  12. Hi Lovely Elodie, today was like one of my perct Sundays, I was in one of my “home” cities, Amsterdam, I got up with NO hangover, went to bikram yoga ( which I can do in both home cities:) then walked around and admired beauty, picked up my luggage, went to friends and shared a wonderful barbeque, even though it was raining, all was so perfect, sharing, talking and love! 😉 on my utopian Sunday I would not have to do the last part and go to the airport, but still very lucky everytime I get to see friends 🙂 hugs, and hope you had a lovely Sunday! Xx

  13. my perfect sunday consists of getting up late (late as defined by me), going for a laid back run with my friend Sonia around Alster Lake and then getting some freshly baked buns from local bakery on our way back. We would afterwards normally go back to my place and prepare a brunch together, which includes some fresh made coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and fruit salads. Since I don’t get to see Sonia so often (she is away a lot for business), spending Sundays with her is quite important for me as we get to catch up on our lives and shared some moments and laughter together. After the lazy brunch I love spending some time in my kitchen preparing a new dish or planning a dinner ahead for Sunday evening. During the time in the kitchen I normally have my Spotify playlist ‘Sunday music’ on which consists of some mellow music from Bon Iver, Bombay Bicycle Club. Finishing a perfect Sunday as you might have guessed, is all about sharing a lovely dinner with my boyfriend and friends!

  14. My perfect Sunday is getting up late and then having brunch with my beautiful and fun girlfriends from Girl gone international with lotsa laughter, fun and gossiping 🙂

  15. For me a perfect Sunday is waking to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and hearing my little boy laughing with my husband in the kitchen. After breakfast together I love to prepare a roast dinner which I deliberately cook slowly for hours in the oven while we read the papers or play a boardgame with our son. My husband opens a bottle of red wine to breathe and then we go walking in the nearby woods, relishing in the fresh air and the nature surrounding us, chatting and planning the week ahead. The best part is returning to our home, the aroma of the roast welcoming us through the door. If it´s Autumn (my favourite season) or Winter, my husband will light the fire and put on some soft music, (I love to listen to Melody Gardot on a Sunday, she suits the mood so well!) and we adjorn to our table to give thanks and enjoy our meal together. Some of these cosy meals we share with close friends, sometimes it´s just the three of us which we also cherish. We love to eat late on a Sunday, it´s a family day of relaxation, spending time with eachother, appreciating what we have. It´s not at all therefore surprising, that Sunday is my favourite day of the week!

    1. Leah, this is beautiful, you should really start your own blog. This makes me want to spend my next Sunday with you listening to Melody Gardot.

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