My new love

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share my new love with you. Last month I bought myself a new smartphone. After a lot of research, and thinking: iphone 5 or not, etc…I decided to buy the new SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II.
The main criteria for me were, the battery (which lasts twice as long as the iphone) the size of the display, to read online-magazines and blogs, and the quality of the camera. I must say I am pretty happy. I am also pretty happy about the Mint Cover.



Like a lot of bloggers, I am a big fan of Instagram. You can follow my stream here.

madame_love on Instagram

Here are a couple of photos I took with my new smartphone and just a little bit of Instagram magic:





And what about you? Which smartphone do you use? Are you on Instagram too? If yes I would love to see your stream!

Talk to you soon!


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7 thoughts on “My new love

    1. Hello Corinne,

      I had an old Samsung Galaxy from work, that I didn’t really like. I use a lot of apple products otherwise, I used to have an i-pad, I have a mini Mac Book Air, and an i-Mac – and I love them! That’s why, it was a tough decision – but I am really happy about it. It’s a bit heavier, but the display and the battery are so great, and the price is more reasonable than a i-phone. It’s a shame Vine is not available for Android yet. I hope it will come out soon!

      1. Vine is supposedly coming soon for Android. Since you are a Mac user, don’t you miss the fact that everything can be synced? I recently changed my cell phone plan and got a free samsung s3 mini. It is still in the box because I am thinking of reselling it to purchase an iPhone 4… Great marketing Apple creating needs where there shouldn’t be

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