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Hello everyone,
I hope you are not too stressed out with the pre-christmas madness going on! Today I would like to introduce you to minted. Minted is an online stationery store powered by a global community of designers. Minted has for instance a great Holiday Cards designs selection, that you can combine with your own photographs. The paper quality is excellent. I just received a card from a friend yesterday and I loved the look and feel of the paper.
Apart from their great stationary, I am big fan of their photo backdrops for wedding and parties.
I also love their art prints, which are highly customizable – you can pick the colour and get them in many different sizes.
I also love one of their new products, that I haven’t seen in any other online stationery shop: the personalized wrapping paper. You can transform the templates with your own words and photos. Isn’t that great?

art prints by minted

wrapping paper by minted

In France, you send Christmas Cards after Christmas actually, more as a way to wish your friends and family a good year ahead – and I am thinking about creating my own card with minted this year.
What about you?
Are you sending Christmas cards?
When and what do they look like?



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8 thoughts on “madame love loves: minted

  1. My love, we’ve been ordering our christmas cards at minted for many years. I am amazed by how quickly they arrive from San Francisco (this time it took 4 (!) days from ordering to receiving) and how beautiful they look. Great company!


    1. Hello my dear,
      This is good to know about the the shipping time. Regarding the paper quality, I was talking about your card my dear. BTW, I love it! Thank you so much!

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