Lovely waxflowers

wax flower_6

Hello everyone!
Flowers are expensive in Paris. This is not a secret. So until my garden starts to properly bloom, I decided to make bouquets with some flowers I never arranged before (always exciting!).
I found those waxflowers (also called Chamelaucium) on the market for only 6 € the bunch. 
I cut them very short and took out the leaves to make some mini bouquets with them and mixed them with some helebores and green from the garden. The waxflower originates from Australia and is very resistant. The name comes from the waxy feel of its petals. I like them and I think they are pretty suitable for mini bouquets and a pretty table decoration. 
What do you think?

wax flower_4

wax flower_3

wax flower_2


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6 thoughts on “Lovely waxflowers

    1. Oh Ja Fee! Die sind echt super. Es freut mich sehr noch viele Leser aus Deutschland zu haben auf meinem Blog.
      Viele liebe Grüße aus Paris liebe Fee

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