Lovely Quince Branches

Hello everyone,

January is definitely not the best month for flowers. It is the end of the amaryllis season and the beginning of the tulips. You can also find some ranunculus and anemones, not the cheapest and not the most beautiful ones either. Branches, such as those lovely quince branches are a lovely alternative. They last quite a long time and look lovely when they bloom.
They come in different shades of pink and in white.
Here are a couple of pictures from the ones I have a the moment in my living room.
I wish you a great day.




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16 thoughts on “Lovely Quince Branches

  1. I like branches of fruit trees too! In a big Vase its alway a good idea. Three days ago my neighbour brought me some cherry branches, so I’m lucky :), because it’s really hard to get them in a shop. They are not in flower yet but still looking great.
    You have a beutiful blog, I’m following you now, so see you soon!

    1. Hello Mel, Oh Yes they are very elegant. In January I prefer having them in my living room than flowers that have been imported or grew in a greenhouse.

  2. Roséblautraumnuacen, porzellanig, duftig, leicht – Deine Quittenbüten. Jetzt im Januar ein Wunderbewundertes Stillleben. Lieben Gruß zu Dir. Eine stille Bewunderin Denes Blog. Iris

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