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Here is another flower shop I visited for my article in sisterMAG last year. This shop is all about mini-bouquets. If you read my blog, you know I like mini-bouquets. My lovely #2flowergirls Inga from glomerylane calls me the “mini-bouquet lover”!

Saxifraga in Hamburg, is one of my all time favourite flower shop. Forget everything you know about flower shops before you go there. The owner Carola Wineberger is a very creative lady and really manages to create atmospherical flower compositions.  The shop is situated in the very creative district called Karolinenviertel or Karoviertel and surrounded by many small shops with a lot of handmade fashion and decoration items.

She makes some very small bouquets and displays them in recycled jars or shot glasses – they really look like the ones I loved making when I was a child – and still make now. No vase is small enough for these little beauties. She sells them for a couple of Euros. I find it so refreshing to find that kind of bouquet in a flower shop. So far away from all those pre-formated bouquets you find everywhere with gerberas and a lot of green.

Have a great day and speak to you soon!





Glashüttenstraße 100
20357 Hamburg
Mo-Fr. 10:00 – 18:00
Sat.: 10:00 – 16:00

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6 thoughts on “LOVEly Flower Shop: SAXIFRAGA

  1. It isn’t our fault, that we end up in hideous bouquets, you know! When we go solo or sing as a choir, we are really, really beautiful. Put 20 of us in a plain vase and we become a gospel for the eyes. Sort of a visual “O Happy Day”.

    We belong to the group of the happy flowers. So it makes us sad, that people confuse us with the uninspiring environment that we often get stuck in.

    I am a little confused and disappointed to read such a remark from you. You should know better: There is no such thing as an unattractive flower.

    Only bouquets can be ugly, or vases. Or remarks.

    You hurt my feelings.
    The Gerbera

    1. Please accept my apologies, dear Gerbera! I didn’t mean to hurt you.
      The only think I can say now is: Challenge accepted. I will try to style you now! I hope you will be satisfied with the result.
      Have a nice evening,

    2. my darling gerbera,

      i am very proud of you. facing this topic surely was not easy for you. i know how you feel. gosh, all those mean and hurtful remarks about carnations – i am sick of them. it literally makes make me so ill that i hang my head and my stem goes brownish when i hear people stating that carnations are dull and boring. i mean: gather 25 of us and stick our stems in a slim vase. let our heads form a ball. how beautiful is that? stunning. elegant, yet cheerful. as if dior himself designed it.

      never surrender! you are just a precious as peonies, anemones, hydrangeas, snowdrops or
      french tulips.

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