From Switzerland with love #1

Hello everyone,
today, I will not be talking to you. I am leaving a little of my blog space to my dear French friend Lucile – she will be visiting madame love once a month, with her lovely stories. 
It is Lucile’s first blogpost today, so I am very excited for her, but if you want to see  and read more about her, she has a very beautiful photo project with a graphic designer called melocoton et boule d’or

I’m Lucile. Elodie and I met in 2007, in Berlin, where I studied for a semester. We both loved good food, lovely cafés, sewing, design, flowers and home sweet home, so we became friends quickly…Last November, I visited Elodie in Hamburg and then we’ve decided that I could be a guest on her blog… It makes me really happy, thank you again Elodie !I’m now living in Bern, in Switzerland. So every month I’ll make a Swiss post and I’ve decided to share with you every time a lovely café, a walk in the street and some pics from my apartment and my breakfast (my favourite meal !). I hope you will like it…
Today is my first post and I’m a little scared. So, not too many words and plenty of photos…

Madame love Apfelgold by lucile - from switzerland with love

« Apfelgold » is a sweet café, so quiet and gourmand. Always full of light, with books everywhere and the cakes are so good ! I like to order a “café gourmand”, this is an espresso served with some surprise cakes. Never the same and always a lovely surprise… - from switzerland with love by lucile

Winter in Bern is full of snow ! This is not surprising, but I grew up in the South of France, so, for me, there is always something magical about snow. I’m like a child…
It’s freezing, but I love it ! from switzerland with love by lucile

Breakfast of the day : some yoghurt, an egg, homemade pear compote, some crunchy choco muesli and a cup of tea (not in the picture). It helps me to get out of bed ! 🙂
That’s all for today…
See you next month !
Lucile V.

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