Hello everyone,
I took quite a long break while in France, but I hope you didn’t forget me! Here is a little Forget-Me-Not bouquet with flowers from the garden I showed you yesterday. Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “forget-me-not

  1. such a lovely flower, I planted some of them on the terrace this year as well, I love the colour 🙂 just snapped some flowers on my way in dublin and thought of you! greetings Julia

  2. I so love forget-me-not! They grow en masse in our garden, everywhere where we don’t manage to cut the grass (read: almost everywhere). They are my favourite bedside table flowers at the moment, together with some lemon balm and mint they spread a sweet scent in the evenings, I pick a wee bouquet almost every day.

    Thank you for the beautiful photos, dear Elodie!

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