Flower styling idea: Copper vase with tulips & spirea


How are you? Ready for some flowers? 
I know, I know, copper is not really the newest interior design trend. I know everyone speaks about marble now, but even still, I still like copper. What about you? 
I love the warmth of this colour and I love its reflective surface. I have been asked lately where to find a nice copper vase. The answer is: LIV by TM Interior. The size of this vase is perfect for displaying tulips. I have often a problem with tulips, even if the colour palette is incredible, I find them quite difficult to combine, and a little boring on their own. 
I think adding some foliage, such as spirea, can give them a much wilder and interesting look.
Do you like it?
However, I should better get ready for some tulips as I am going to go to Keukenhof later this month.


If you want to buy a copper vase (they come in three different sizes) from LIV, as for the mini-vases get in touch with Diana on their Facebook Page


I wish you a great day!

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