First Feingemacht – Designer market in Hamburg

Hello everyone,

A new designer market took place last Saturday in Hamburg. As I was feeling well and baby love hadn’t decided to show up yet, I decided to give it a try. It was situated in a very nice part of the Hamburg Conference Centre with a lot of day light and a direct access to the botanical garden “Planten & Blomen”.
Here is an overview of my favorite exhibitors:

1. Beton Schere Papier:

Beton schere papier is a very sweet brand that produces concrete objects. I am in love with their cute candle holders.



2. nikoki:

nikoki is a doll maker from Berlin. I have met her several times already in Hamburg and Berlin and I am a big fan of her work. Her little grey giraffe already moved into baby love’s little nursery.
Her handmade dolls are so creative and she gives so much attention to details. I also love her choice of fabrics and how much she loves Japanese fabric. She is working on her website and there should be some new little animals to buy from next week. I am very much in love with Jean Luc the elephant and Pierre the bear and their little baguette. 





Boubouki offers great solutions to pimp the tiles in your bathroom or in your kitchen, with very beautiful tiles stickers in the standard format 10×10 cm, 15×15 cm, 20×20 cm. You can also order some custom-made sizes on their website.



4. Frau Sieben:

My friend Trixi from the label Frau Sieben was also there. I talked about her Etsylab on the blog a couple of weeks ago. I love her jewelry and wooden candle holders. I think I need a golden one for my living room.
Trixi is also a graphic designer and designed the lovely logo for my sweet virtual baby shower.




Voila! I hope you discovered a couple of designers you didn’t know in this post. My friend Maria also visited the market on Saturday, and you can read more about it here, and see Trixi’s beautiful pictures on her blog.

I wish you nice day!


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9 thoughts on “First Feingemacht – Designer market in Hamburg

  1. Beton, ich liebe Beton! Da werd ich doch gleich mal Online schauen, ob Beton Schere Papier auch nen kleinen Shop hat. Ich plane ja noch immer selbst mal was aus Beton zu machen… Danke für den schönen Tipp.
    Liebe Grüße


  2. Elodie,

    I love the tiles! I could use some of those in my garden! And those necklaces from Frau Sieben, I must have one of those! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, they brightened up my day. 🙂 Jocelyn x

  3. Thanks Judith! The market was really nice and a good way to think about something else than the birth. My due day is tomorrow and I am a bit fed up with the waiting process I must say…

  4. Hahaha Pierre the bear with the little baguette! He looks so cute! I also really love the wooden presentation booth by Trixi: very pure and aesthetic! The wood goes so well with her creations. Good luck with the (hopefully last days) before baby LOVE’s birth… anytime now!

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