decorating with trophy animal heads

Hello everyone,
Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics in decoration, decorating with animals. As I was putting together my moodboard for the nursery, it was clear I wanted a trophy for my daughter’s bedroom. I picked this beautiful Unicorn, I love it and I was important for me to teach my daughter from the beginning to face reality!
She really loves it too and it’s one of the first things she could actually see, as the newborns only see strong contrasts and the white unicorn head is hanging on the dark grey wall.
Here are a couple of the lovely animals I came across while doing some research.
I hope you will enjoy them.
What about you? Could you imagine decorating your home or even a baby nursery with one of those? Do you like them? Which one is your favourite?
Talk to you soon,

Trophy animal head for nursery

1. Unicorn // 2. Bear // 3. Hippopotamus // 4. Hare // 5. Monkey
6. Badger //7. Rabbit // 8. Fox // 9. Polar Bear

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2 thoughts on “decorating with trophy animal heads

  1. I dont usually comment and if i so it is a compliment I make. But here I have to say that i am unhappy about this posting. I think animals heads are not a decoration. Even if they are made of Paper or Wool etc. It is a hint at hunting trophys and I find real heads on walls as bad as Fur-Coats. Not suiting for a Baby room!

    Otherwise i love your blog behause it is such a pretty Place!

    1. Dear Meike,
      Thanks for your comment. I see your point of view, but you can’t imagine how much animals are loved in my household and how much I hate hunters. That is why I use them so much in the decoration of my flat.
      I should maybe have mentioned that in my post. I still think those kind of trophies are very cute for a nursery and no unicorn was hurt for the decoration of my daughter’s wall.
      Warmest regards,

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