crêpe de chine et macarons

Hello everyone,

yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the great pop-up store of the label 7 Chic Avenue. This is the gorgeous label of designers Marianne and Jutta. The pop up store is open until this Saturday in the Isestrasse 79 in Hamburg-Eppendorf. If you can’t make it, you can purchase their very elegant and feminine creations online. They use some very exquisite fabric such as crêpe de chine.
Another highlight of this event was the catering, made by Aurelie Gourmet. Aurélie is well-known in Hamburg for her macarons. You can find them every Saturday at the Marktzeit in Altona (currently on summer break).
Yesterday, we didn’t just have macarons but also chouquettes – a small choux pastry sprinkled with sugar and cannelés (the sweet speciality from Bordeaux) – and it was delicious – It felt like home for an hour or so. Thank you Aurélie!










Have a nice Friday evening.
Talk to you soon


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4 thoughts on “crêpe de chine et macarons

  1. What a wonderful event! I really love your pictures and it looks like a very classy affair :)! I hope you’re feeling well. Will drop you an email shortly 🙂 Hugs and kisses from Berlin
    Yours, Thea

    1. Thanks Thea, it was indeed a lovely event – I am sure you would have liked it very much, and the light was great yesterday. I am doing fine. Trying to be patient!
      Kisses from Hamburg

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