A Christmas wreath with moss and ribbons

Today I would like to show you the little Christmas wreath I made for my home with simple ribbons and moss. I bought the wreath moss at the flower shop and some black velvet and satin ribbon at tiger. The purple one is from Idee.
I just turned the ribbon around the wreath and tightened it with a big knot at the top.

I love dark colours in decoration. I think that they transport elegance and cosiness. And if used with some gold or some sparkles, they can even look very festive.



What about you? Did you make a wreath this year for Christmas? Which colours did you use and where is it hanging?

Take care and speak to you soon!

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4 thoughts on “A Christmas wreath with moss and ribbons

  1. i love the colours and moss and velvet go so well together 🙂 i didn’t make a wreath this year for christmas as i had just made one with copper leaves, i just filled a wooden tray with moss and placed my candle and some white porcelain decoration on it 🙂

    1. Hello Miss,
      Thank you for sharing your Christmas decoration with us today on the blog. I had a look at it on your blog. Looks lovely.
      Have a great Christmas time!

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