fog linen



Today I am so pleased to present you the brand I teamed up with for today’s window. The brand is called Fog Linen Work and I have been a very big fan for years.
The designer behind the brand is called Yumiko Sekine. Her brand is mainly famous for beautiful linen, that are produced in Lithuania.
Her first collection started with only seven items. Now after ten years, Fog Linen Work produces a large line of linen products for the home and linen clothing.

You can see some of her products here.
My favourite one is not a linen product, but it is this beautiful metallic crown in the middle, and I am so happy you can win it today on my instagram 

les petites chineries

Hello everyone,

it’s already day three of my calendar and today I have invited Marina to participate.

les petites chineries

Martina is an interior designer but also passionate about junk hunting and she really has an incredible eye. Here are a couple of the things you can find on her site. I love everything in her selection. 

I am very much in love with the pink vase you can work today on my instagram

good luck and see you tomorrow for the new window.



Hello everyone,

I am glad I went live yesterday with my floral advent calendar. It was so exciting, preparing it and it is great now to find the way back to the blog.



Today’s brand is called Sobomarket and is run by the talented Mathilde. 
SoBomarket is the contraction of South Bombay (a bit as we have SoPi in Paris for South Pigalle) and is the starting point of the brand created by Mathilde where she can mix her passions for interior and travel.
As soon as she can, Mathilde travels the world, and sells the products she brings back from her travel to India or Marokko.

Until the end of december she is not only selling online but also in a pop store, 14 rue du Chateau d’Eau in Paris – until the 3rd with lusaluso under the name un si beau voyage, and afterwards until december 31 with la seinographe

Here are a few pictures of the copper vase that can be won on my instagram today.


titi la tige

Hello everyone, 
I am starting my floral advent calendar today and I have a lot of surprises for you.
I have teamed up with fantastic flower and plant shops in Paris, but also for the non Parisian, you will be able to win floral prints from very talented photographers, some vases and also some floral and green books.

The first window in my floral calendar is the flower shop of one of my favourite florist in Paris – Thierry Feret, also known as titi la tige. If you follow my blog, you have probably already seen this article about flowered by I wrote last year. His bouquets are very colourful are recognisable at first sight. I am so happy he is opening the calendar and that you can win one of his marvellous wreaths. I wish you all a very good luck.


Flowered by Thierry Feret
37 rue de Chabrol
75010 Paris 

The black wall series #1

Hello everyone,

Long time no see. As I have no other valid excuse than “life” and instragram for being silent here, I will not try to invent one. 
I have started a new series of floral pictures in front of my black wall in my Parisian flat, that I call the black wall series. You can see them all on Instagram under the hashtag #theblackwallseries.

I enjoy doing it so much that I wanted to share it with you here. I will be posting more of them soon. You can also see some on my portfolio

the-black-wall-series by madame love

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