madame love loves: les petites emplettes

les petites emplettesHello everyone! 

I hope you had a great week end! Time to relax and enjoy some time with your family. Today I would like to share another online shop crush I had lately. It is a French shop again called “les petites emplettes” – I love the natural style of their furnitures and objects. What do you think? Lovely and very French isn’t it?

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madame love loves: Shanna Murray

Hello everyone!

How are you doing? I have been very busy here, but I will tell you very soon why, and I am sure that you will forgive me!
Today I want to show you the lovely stickers by New York based artist Shanna Murray. Each sticker/decal is  created from super thin vinyl, which allows each
decal to appear hand painted. I love how delicate and thin they look. 
You can order the stickers via her online shop or on Neëst, a lovely French online shop, I already presented here.
Wall stickers are so easy to install and don’t leave any trace on the wall when you want to take them off. It’s a really good decoration solution if you are renting your place. I collected a little selection of my favourite ones on Pinterest.
I really love that Shanna’s stickers come in different colours and textures:

  • speckled gold
  • speckled silver
  • matte white
  • matte charcoal
  • matte fog
  • matte black

so you can stick them on a dark or on a light background.  For Ella’s nursery I ordered the “i love you beyond measure” sticker in speckled silver to stick on the dark blue wall. 
I wish you all a great start in this new week!


madame love loves: bolia

 Hello everyone!

I hope you had a great week end! This time, I am not showing a little brand, or less well-known online shop or designer in my madame love loves column. If you live in a Scandinavian country or in Germany, you will already have heard of bolia. Unfortunatly, they are not implanted in other European countries now, but you can order online as they deliver to all EU countries. Bolia is a Danish furniture brand, with its own team of designers. I have known Bolia for 4 years now, and the book shelves in living room as well as my sleeping couch comes from Bolia. The amazing thing with bolia is that they are getting better every year.

I went to one of their shops/showrooms in Hamburg this week end with my little family to have look at their new collection and saw some really lovely pieces.  I am for example completely in love with their TuckIn recliner chair {1.149 €(at the bottom left of the collage) which comes in many different colours. I also love their new floor lamp called Heavy {579 €(at the top right of the collage), which mixes steel, concrete and leather. 

I love the materials they use, a lot of natural wood of course, as many Scandinavian brands and also a lot of leather. I also love the colour scheme of the new collection: grey, black and nude. I think those colours work so well together in fashion and decoration.  They also have a arrival of gorgeous berber rugs, unfortunately, Mr. Love isn’t a big fan, otherwise I think I would have bought one for my home. 

I wish you all a great day!
Speak to you soon


madame love loves: Lieschen Müller


Good morning!
Today I am back with a new crush for the madame love loves series. You know I love doudous and soft sculptures. Being the mum of a little girl, probably doesn’t help!
I have been a fan for a long time of the work of German doll maker Lieschen Müller. Her real name is Annelise Müller and I love her creatures.
At the moment, she is not selling her dolls on her website but you can still purchase the doll patterns as PDF files. I just bought this pattern, and I will be showing the work in progress on Instagram as soon as I get started. I haven’t been doing much sewing lately, just a little pouched for my friend Clara’s babyshower.
Now Ella is getting a little older, I really feel the need to be a little bit more creative in my everyday life.
What about you? Don’t you think Lieschen Müller’s little creatures are very poetic and pretty?
I wish you all a great day!

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madame love loves: Seventy Tree


Hello everyone!
Do you know Kerry Layton? Maybe you know Seventy Tree then? Kerry is the brilliant British illustrator behind the brand Seventy Tree. 
Seventy Tree was established in 2010. I really love the animals, Kerry uses in her illustration and bought this lovely print called Everyone’s friend (currently out of stock) that Ella literally loves!
The bear is saying H E L L O and many different languages including the three languages Ella is looking at it everyday and it makes me very happy. I am sure that it is not the symbol of her multilingual upbringing that appeals to Ella yet, but the great contrasts. During the first 6 Months of their lives, babies can hardly see any colours and are fascinated by black and white, as this is pretty much all they can see.  So I really recommend putting up contrasting prints on the wall when decorating a nursery. On top of that, I think that animals in decoration always work very well, not only for children!
I also love the cutting boards and tray by Seventy Tree. Geometric and very happy!
I wish you a great day!

 © Picture from the nursery by Jocelyn Casey, pictures from the collage by Seventy Tree with permission