Lovely flower DIY: Using a Kenzan for a shallow vase

kenzan bouquet peonies

Hello everyone! 
Today I would like to start a new column and show you some simple tricks to make nicer bouquets at home. The first trick I would like to show you today comes from Japan and is primarily used for the traditional Japanese floral arrangements called Ikebana. 
kenzan, also called spiky frog or flower frog is a specific metallic device used for fixing the flowers in the container. It consists of a heavy lead plate with erected brass needles where the stems are fixed. You can find them on amazon for example and they cost between 3 and 30 € depending on their size. 
A kenzan is perfect for arranging bouquets in shallow vases such as bowls or small pedestal vases. It helps keeping flowers with very short stems in the water. 
It is a very nice to arrange flowers on a table for dinner party for example, so that you can for instance see the person sitting in front of you. It also works very well if you want to create a vignette on a table in living room.
For this bouquet, I decided to mix peonies with garden roses, as I think that they really work well together.
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Lovely Fabric: Petit Pan

Tissus Petit Pan.

Good morning everyone!
At the end of last year, I told you about one of my favorite French fabric designer called France Duval Stalla. Today I am back with some fabric love and another French brand called Petit Pan. Petit Pan is a very colourful brand, but the kind of colours I like! Deep blues and bright pinks!
Petit Pan was created in Paris in 2002 and sells decoration items, fabric (with more than 140 different patterns) and clothes made out of those fabrics.
Here is a selection of some of my favourite patterns. That is a perfect fabric for decorating a nursery or make a colourful statement with a cushion in your livingroom. I used a blue Petit Pan fabric for the pennant banner in Ella’s bedroom.
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A Christmas wreath with moss and ribbons

Today I would like to show you the little Christmas wreath I made for my home with simple ribbons and moss. I bought the wreath moss at the flower shop and some black velvet and satin ribbon at tiger. The purple one is from Idee.
I just turned the ribbon around the wreath and tightened it with a big knot at the top.

I love dark colours in decoration. I think that they transport elegance and cosiness. And if used with some gold or some sparkles, they can even look very festive.

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Lovely fabric – France Duval-Stalla

Hello my dears,
I am starting a new column on the blog today called Lovely Fabric and I would like to talk about fabric design with you. I am a fabric addict – I love pretty patterns and soft fabric and am using fabric a lot in decoration. I like sewing cushions and curtains for my home. I made almost all the curtains myself in my flat. I also used a lot of different fabric to decorate my daughter’s little nursery.
I usually buy my fabric online via French online shops, as a lot of the fabric I like are not available here in Germany. Through this series, I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite fabric designers from France and from all over the world or just some of my favourite patterns and tell you where you can source them online.
The first fabric designer, I would like to talk to you about is France Duval-Stalla. Here are a couple of her patterns. She is working with a lot of greys and muted colours.
france Duval Stalla

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LOVEly guestpost by Lou from Happy Serendipity

Dear international reader,

today this blogpost will be in German only, by my friend Lou from the blog Happy Serendipity
Speak to you soon and thank you dear Lou and sweet Rafael for your great tutorial!


Hallo kleine Love-Madame,

wir sind alle so froh und glücklich, dass du geboren bist und das es dir gut geht. Wir Blogger-Tanten haben lange Zeit mit deiner Mama gefiebert und ihr zugeschaut, wie der Bauch immer größer wurde und gestaunt, was sie dir alles tolles zurecht macht, bevor du auf die Welt kamst. Du wirst so ein hübsches Zimmer haben und ganz wunderbar weiche Garderobe. Zum Glück hatte die Mama vor deiner Geburt Zeit, alles vorzubereiten, denn jetzt bist du die kleine Person, die alle Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht und um die sich die Mama kümmert.

Wahrscheinlich – das wird sich noch herausstellen – wird die Mami auch nicht mehr so oft und viel Zeit haben, dir neue Kleidchen zu nähen. Deshalb zeige ich ihr heute, wie sie dir in wenigen Minuten eine warme Mütze nähen kann, wenn du mal schlummerst. Sie kann dafür Stoffe nehmen, die sie schon hat, vielleicht das alte Lieblings-T-shirt vom Papa oder einen alten Pullover von ihr. Diese Stoffe sind nämlich meisten schon ganz oft gewaschen und greifen deine zarte Haut nicht an.  Außerdem hat man immer etwas im Haus, dass man neu verwenden kann.

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