New vases collection by Räder

Hello everyone,
Last year in November I was invited to the press event of the German company Räder, for the presentation of their new home collection, with among others some new vases that I am very found of. I will be styling some flowers in those vases this spring, but now that the presentation has been shown to the public (It was shown today at the Nordstil Fair in Hamburg) I can show you some images of those pretty vases. I am so happy to see some more creative vases on the market this days. The mini vases collection is great and I am a big fan of the lady looking at the fishes. The size is really good for bigger branches and bouquets.
The presentation took place in one of my favourite cafés in Hamburg called Herr Max. A very stylish and nostalgic café with a lot of flair. I will show some pictures of Herr Max later this week.
I wish you a great week!
Talk to you soon,

Raeder New Vases Collection

First Feingemacht – Designer market in Hamburg

Hello everyone,

A new designer market took place last Saturday in Hamburg. As I was feeling well and baby love hadn’t decided to show up yet, I decided to give it a try. It was situated in a very nice part of the Hamburg Conference Centre with a lot of day light and a direct access to the botanical garden “Planten & Blomen”.
Here is an overview of my favorite exhibitors:

1. Beton Schere Papier:

Beton schere papier is a very sweet brand that produces concrete objects. I am in love with their cute candle holders.

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Nelly Castro – beautiful postcards from Hamburg

Dear all,

Today I would like to introduce you to Nelly Castro. I met Nelly at the pop-up store event of 7 Avenue, and she invited me last week to the presentation of her new postcard collection.
Nelly is a designer and illustrator based in Hamburg, who started producing postcards some years ago – and I really like her fresh style and hand lettering. The cards are printed on a very nice thick paper.
The texts on the postcards are in Spanish (her mother tongue), English and German. Nelly also designs wedding invitations. You can find more information on her website.

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Soirée provençale in Hamburg

Dear all,

I had a great start to the weekend. I went to a “soirée provençale” in Hamburg on Friday night. It was organised in the French café called Metropolitain that I already presented on the blog in December – you can read more here.  It was the French concept of “table d’hôtes“. Our hostess was the French cook Eve based in Hamburg. Table d’hôte literally means “the host’s table” in French. The term is used to denote a table set aside for residents of a guesthouse. Everyone sits down around a large table and makes small-talk. It is not like in a restaurant, there is only one sitting, the price is fixed and the menu set in advance.
The theme of the evening was Mediterranean cuisine.
We had taboulé to start with, an aioli –  a speciality from Marseilles with cold fish, vegetables and a garlic mayonnaise – perfect for the hot weather we are experiencing, and a lovely fruit salad with a madeleine to finish with.


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Etsy Labs Hamburg with Frau Sieben

Hello everyone,

On Monday Evening, I attended my first Etsy Labs in Hamburg which was organised by my friend Trixi (alias Frau Sieben), a jewelry designer . I am sure you all know about Etsy – for those would don’t know, it’s an american online platform that sells handmade and vintage goods all over the world.
They regularly organise craft parties in European cities called Etsy Labs – It’s a free DIY event, on a special topic. The ones in Hamburg are organised in a brilliant location called LOKAL e.v.. The concept is simple but really enjoyable – you sit around a table with other people (okay, mainly girls…) and do something with your hands, while drinking a lemonade.  Yesterday’s Etsy Labs was about creating summery bracelets – and that’s what we did!
I had a lot of fun with my friends Maria, Christin and Anne.
Here are a couple of photos for you:

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