My name is Elodie and I am a blogger and have run the flower blog madame-love since 2012. The name of my blog came naturally to me, as my real name has been Love since I married Mr. Love in 2008.

My blog topic also came very simply to me, as I have had a passion for flowers since I was a child, constantly arranging the flowers from my mother’s garden. Since I left my parent’s home to study, I have been living in flats all over Europe in Paris, Vienna, Aix-en-Provence, Berlin, Sheffield and Hamburg. Wherever I was living, I constantly tried to create bouquets to decorate my flat and make it a home with flowers I found in flower shops and on the market.

madame_love_portrait© Tobias Lang | Photography

I have been building up my knowledge about flowers and floral techniques throughout the years as well as floral photography techniques.

Now I am back in France and I live with my family in a house in the Parisian suburbs and I have a small front garden for the first time in my life and I love making bouquets with flowers from my own garden.

On madame love, I also like to present other flower bloggers, flower stylists and florists from around the world in my LOVEly flowerblogs section.

I real life, I am an online project manager with many years of expertise in online marketing and social media strategy gained in advertising agencies and for global international brands.

My internationality is also a very big part of my personality and my personal story, being French and speaking fluently English, due to my British husband and German because of my ten years spent in Germany. I have friends and connections all over the world. While I chose to write my blog in English to be understood by a majority of readers, I am very happy when my readers comment in French or German on the blog.