Welcome to my blog! My name is Elodie Love and in this blog I talk about interior design and about my passion for flowers.
I write about my travels, my DIY projects, and about my favorite interior design shops in Hamburg.


© Tobias Lang | Photography

Together with the flower-blog glomerylane, I run a monthly column called #2flowergirls since January 2013. We pick a flower every month, create a bouquet, put the pictures on our blogs and invite our readers to do the same and to share their flowers with us, via a blog comment, Instagram or Twitter via the hashtag #2flowergirls. We then collect the submitted flowers on Pinterest. Click here, If you want to learn more about the project.

One of my dreams is to open my own shop/coffee one day. I keep being inspired by the beautiful places I see in Hamburg, and I try to share those places with you in my blog. You can find an overview under LOVEly Hamburg. I wish to share my tips about cool and interesting places and also motivate people who don’t know to city yet to come and visit.

I would also like to share the design, flower blogs and websites I like in France, Germany in the UK and over the world that I love. I also try to collect the best creative books and magazines/e-magazines that inspire me. You can find them in my blogroll.

I have a lot of obsessions: starsneonfabriccloudsglobes and obviously flowers. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

Don’t hesitate to give me your feedback and start a conversation with me – I love that!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. chouchou

    Bonjour, dein Blog ist toll!
    Suis allemande mais depuis 26 ans en suisse romande. J’aime ton mélange franco – germanique. .. mach weiter so!

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  3. Val

    Hola , First time in your blog….. I see you were at BYW I do not think we met thru there, well i ddo not recall.When you started folllowing me in pinterest, I normally re-folllow people who follow me but must of the time I do not have time see all the boards, this time I relly took time and then I realize you had a blog . So today is my first time here and I really love it! I am already folllowing you in bloglovin. If you ever have time I would love if you stop by my blog.
    Again you have a lovely site here, I will be stoping by



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