#2flowergirls in November

Hello everyone!
We are already in November! A new month also means a new #2flowergirls edition. As you may have seen on Steffi’s Blog, Inga is in hospital this month for her transplantation – and we are all thinking of her and crossing our fingers.
I discussed with her in the past weeks if we should pause the #2flowergirls project while she is in hospital, but she told that it would make her happy if we continued arranging and photographing flowers during that time. So, let’s rock it together and do some flower magic for Inga.
We have decided to play with Chrysanthemums this month.  Are you in?


I will be posting on 11th November and you can take part as usual until the end of the month and post the link to your blogpost under my blogpost.

I wish you a great Sunday!
Your flower girl – Elodie

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4 thoughts on “#2flowergirls in November

    1. Danke für dein Kommentar meine Liebe. Wir denken alle an Dich. Ich hoffe dass es irgendwie hilft. Füll Dich umarmt!
      Liebe Grüße
      Deine kleine Flower girl – Elodie

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