#2flowergirls #8 – Chrysanthemum edition


Hello dear flower girls and boys,
I hope you are all doing well!
The time has come for the new edition of my #2flowergirls project with my dear Inga from the blog glomerylane. As Inga is in hospital at the moment, as I explained last week, I am a single flower girl this time. You can put the link to your blogpost under this post.

If you want to participate for the first time, you can read here how it works.
Inga and I decided to style this underestimated flower for the November edition: the chrysanthemum. I have always liked them, even though it’s not the first flower that comes to my mind when I am going to a flower shop. So this time, I am going out of my comfort zone as well and not stlyling a most-loved or favourite flower.
One of the good things with chrysanthemums is that they are very strong flowers that will last a long time when cut.
The glass vase is from Zara home and is sold as a bathroom accessory but I found it far too pretty not to put flowers in it.  The little vase is a tea cup from the Alice collection by Vienna-based artist Sandra Haischberger.  I bought it at the great Milchmädchen shop as a birthday present for myself, with a little bouquet in mind of course! I love the soft and grey colours of the collection. I took the cup in soft pink and the saucer in dark grey.
I hope you will enjoy my styling. I can’t want to see what you have been up to!





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10 thoughts on “#2flowergirls #8 – Chrysanthemum edition

  1. Such a nice challenge, Elodie! It turned out really nice with the pink berries! I haven’t seen any chrysanhemums around yet, but as soon as I find some, I’ll join, of course 😉 And big hugs to Inga!!! <3

  2. Dear Elodie – yes, same here – Chrysanthemum don’t come first to my mind thinking of favorite flowers but I was surprised to see so many different varieties at my local flower shop.
    I bought one, that looks like a Dahlia! Very beautiful. I just read your guide lines and didn’t know, that it is also about styling the flowers – hope, it is ok to participate anyways…
    Have a wonderful day and here is my post:

    1. Dear Anette,
      I am really glad to have you on board! sometimes living the flowers as they are is the best way to style them. Your pictures are beautiful!
      Have a nice evening

  3. Elodie, your bouquet is so lovely! Leaving the comfort zone is exactly what I have learned from our visit to the flower blogger event a few weeks back! This is the exact reason why I love participating here – it makes me style flowers I would have never bought myself… Can’t wait to see what the others have done to their mums 🙂 Here are my Mums: http://stilzitat.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/le-jardin-de-a-chrysanthemum/
    Have a wonderful start this week and enjoy time with your little flower Ella <3

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