2 flower girls #2 – by glomerylane & madame love

Hello there,

Here comes the second edition of my flower column 2 flower girls with the sweet Inga from the blog glomerylane.

For those who are discovering the concept today, the idea is that we buy the same flowers in the same colours on the same day and style them our own way.
For today’s arrangements, we decided to use pink and white tulips. This time it was Inga’s turn to pick the flowers, and I was very happy about her choice, as I don’t buy tulips very often. It made me step out of my comfort zone a bit, which sometimes allows you to be more creative.

I will first show you the flowers unarranged:
2flowergirls - preparation by madame love


2 flower girls - preparation-by-glomerylane


I decided to present my flowers in a very colourful vase/cup from the Danish label Greengate that I bought a couple of years ago in Berlin and a single flower in a glass vase I brought back from Stockholm last week, which comes from the great interior shop of Lotta Agaton.
Inga displayed her tulips in an antique teapot with a tulip pattern. I love the way she puts a single flower in the spout of the teapot.
2flowergirls#2- by glomerylane and madame-love


2flowergirls#2Inga and I have so much fun every month playing around with the same flowers and styling them in a very different way that we thought that you would maybe like to play with us next time.
We will be announcing the flowers we want to style a couple of days before on my facebook fanpage and on Inga’s. We would be so happy if readers from all around the world would like to decorate their home with the same flowers on the same day. If you want to communicate about the action on Instagram or Twitter, you can just use the hashtag #2flowergirls.

We will keep you posted anyway.
I wish you a very nice day and don’t forget to buy flowers and visit glomerylane today to see what Inga wrote about 2 flower girls!


images: madame love & glomerylane

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13 thoughts on “2 flower girls #2 – by glomerylane & madame love

  1. Liebe Elodie, bezaubernd sag ich da nur, Ihr BEIDE !!! Ich bekomme so richtig gefallen daran, meine Wohnung ebenfalls regelmässig mit Blumen zu schmücken. Wenn möglich, bin ich bei Eurem “Blumen-Arrangement” das nächste Mal dabei. Freue mich auf Eure Bekanntgabe.
    Bis dahein eine schöne Zeit

    1. Liebe Katinka,
      vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar! Inga und Ich freuen sehr wenn Du in März dabei bist. Viele liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende!

  2. I love tulips! Both of your arrangements look great, they make me want to go out and grab some tulips myself. It would sure bring some spring spirit into the house. Happy weekend!

    1. Hello Nina,
      thank you for the nice comment. Send me the pics of tulips when you have bought them! Maybe you can also take part next time, we will announce the flowers a couple of days before next time.
      Nice week end to you too

  3. Ihr Zwei,

    ich mag auch Kolumne sehr!
    Und das als diejenige die absolut keinen grünen Daumen hat & selbst Schnittblumen nicht lange überleben. :/

    Bitte mehr davon! <3
    Liebe Grüße & bis hoffentlich nächste Woche, Elodi
    Deine Maria

    1. Danke liebe Maria!
      wir machen auf jeden Fall weiter,da es richtig spass macht! Schnittblumen sind auch nicht unbedingt gedacht um lange zu überleben, aber die bringen echt viele schöne Farben in der Wohnung.
      Viele liebe Grüße und bis nächste Woche!
      Ich freue mich schon sooooo

  4. My cats love eating flowers, so I rarely have flowers at home. The #2flowergirls challenge sounds cool. Depending on the choice of flowers (and if I’m able to get them anywhere near my place) I’m considering joining you 🙂 Both your tulip arrangements look really pretty!

    1. Thanks Judith! My cat doesn’t eat them but he loves smelling them. It would be so cool if you would participate next time. I can give the adress of a very pretty flower shop in Compiègne 😉
      By the way, I need to stop by your blog and leave a comment. I really loved your last post about the fudge shop.

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