Wild Flowers from Umbria

yellow wild flowers from Italy Wild Flowers from Umbria flowers 2

Hello everyone!
Those of you who follow me on Instagram, that I just come from a week in Italy with my family. We stayed in Umbria, to be precise, in a village called Massa Martana - I could never remember the name and always said Tikka Massala ;). The house with stayed at is called Casale del Gallo was truly magical and big enough to fit 12 people. I will show you the house in another post. Today I wanted to show you some of the bouquets I made during our stay only using wild flowers growing in the property: sweet peas, scabiosa, queen anne’s lace, wild mint, clover. The variety was breathtaking, and I was really not expecting finding so much beautiful flowers in this region especially in August!
I wish you a great day! Talk to you soon with more impressions of our italian holiday.

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Lovely Flower Blog #10: Linger Flowers

LingerFlowers4 Lovely Flower Blog #10: Linger Flowers lovely flower blogs flowers 2

Hello everyone!
I am back from Umbria, with a lot of impressions and over 1,000 pictures. I will show you some soon on the blog. I am very happy to introduce a new Lovely Flower Blog today. I discovered Nikki and Andy Shenk on Instagram last May and love her story and how her dream came true. I also love the fact that have been inspired and motivated by blogs and Instagram to start their floral business.

Who are you and what are you talking about in your blog?

 We’re a wife-husband duo, Nikki and Andy Shenk, that fell in love with flowers and decided to start our own business, Linger Flowers, in Cincinnati, Ohio. We focus on weddings, holidays and classes. Andy is a writer, so he runs the blog, where he features both the work we do, as well as other elements of the business and our personal life.
Our name, Linger, is very significant to me and Andy and we try to capture our philosophy of savoring each moment in the day through the blog. Flowers, especially, help both of us to linger and appreciate the beauty in our life, which is what we hope to share with our community, whether that be online or in Cincinnati. 
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first dahlia of the season

dahlia in medicis vase 2 first dahlia of the season flowers 2

Hello everyone!
I hope you are doing great. I have had quite a rough week last week, with a sick mama and a sick baby and a very hot weather but as I read recently on the Instagram feed of my friend Ricarda, the quieter the online, the louder the offline life! 
The good thing about this short break, is that I managed to go to the market on Friday and found some awesome free range dahlia. It isn’t uncommon to find dahlia at the beginning of August, but they are particularly early and beautiful this year. I bought enough flowers to make three beautiful bouquets and I only paid 10 €! I often that flowers are expensive on the market, but I think, they are usually much cheaper than in the flower shops especially when locally grown.
So – I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
Have a great day and speak to you soon!
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Lovely Flowergrammers: @nonihana_

@nonihana  Lovely Flowergrammers: @nonihana  flowergrammers

Hello everyone!
As it is also probably the case for you as well, I am using and liking Instagram more and more this days.  It is a place where I share some flowers of course, but also some little corner of my home and some more personal pictures, of my daughter for instance.
I also a place where I connect with like minded people from around the world.
I am following a lot of flower enthusiastic on Instagram: florists, growers, flower stylists or just flower lovers. I spotted a lot of the blogs I have presented so far under Lovely Flower Blogs on Instagram. 
A lot of my friends, send me emails or tweets, when they spot a nice flowergrammer, So I thought I might also share them with you!
Unfortunatly, the great Flower Instagrammers, or Flowergrammers are not always bloggers, but they take such great pictures, that I thought, I would do a new series on the blog and show you my favourites - one each week. 
The first one is a flower stylist from Japan called Yukiko Masuda and @nonihana_ on Instagram. 
I love her simple and elegant style and her use of linen and used wood as a backdrop.
I wish you an excellent weekend!
I hope you like this new series. I can’t wait to show you the lovely flowergrammer I picked for next week. 
Talk to you soon,

A red bouquet: Lupin, peonies, aquilegia

red bouquet 1 A red bouquet: Lupin, peonies, aquilegia flowers 2

Hello everyone!
I have been wanting to show you this bouquet since the beginning of June. I made it when I was in France, staying at my parent’s in law. They have a beautiful garden, which I already showed you there. I especially loved working with the lupin, as I really like their ombre colours. 
I hope you will like this few flowers. I wish you a great day!
red bouquet 2 A red bouquet: Lupin, peonies, aquilegia flowers 2

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madame love loves: Lieschen Müller

Lieschen Müller madame love loves: Lieschen Müller madame love loves

Good morning!
Today I am back with a new crush for the madame love loves series. You know I love doudous and soft sculptures. Being the mum of a little girl, probably doesn’t help!
I have been a fan for a long time of the work of German doll maker Lieschen Müller. Her real name is Annelise Müller and I love her creatures.
At the moment, she is not selling her dolls on her website but you can still purchase the doll patterns as PDF files. I just bought this pattern, and I will be showing the work in progress on Instagram as soon as I get started. I haven’t been doing much sewing lately, just a little pouched for my friend Clara’s babyshower.
Now Ella is getting a little older, I really feel the need to be a little bit more creative in my everyday life.
What about you? Don’t you think Lieschen Müller’s little creatures are very poetic and pretty?
I wish you all a great day!

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bouquet of mini roses, globe amaranth and black berries

bouquet globe amaranth mini roses bouquet of mini roses, globe amaranth and black berries flowers 2

Good morning everyone!
I hope you had a lovely Monday. After a bit of a rough few weeks, I am feeling better and I when I feel good, I like to be surrounded by flowers. I made this little bouquet a few days ago, with some beauties I found in one of my favourite flower shops.
I think they work really well together because:

1- the blooms are all roughly the same size.
2- the colour palette is very elegant, from pink to dark blue.
3- It’s always a good idea to mix fruits or vegetables in your bouquet, to make it visually interesting.

Voila! I hope that you will find this bouquet inspiring and that it will bring you a little bit of happiness too!
Have a great day and talk to you soon,

flower styling madame love preparation bouquet of mini roses, globe amaranth and black berries flowers 2

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